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Global HR made easy

Operational efficiency, digital transformation and employee experience have become the holy trinity in HR – especially for fast-growing international companies. With our multi-country core HR you hit every goal at once. SD Worx People is a modern, easily accessible, secure place to store all people data, and acts as a solid platform for all other HR processes.

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Multi-country core HR made easy

One single overview and data entry point

graphHigher productivity

Centralised HRIS, employee and manager self-service, business forms and processes across countries results in higher HR productivity.

bar graphData-driven HR decisions

Pre-defined mandatory reports and customised KPI-based reports offer one, consolidated version of the truth – in real time.

Outsourced payroll servicesCost effective

Save time and costs on implementation thanks to preconfigured international and local regulations and standard payroll integration.

International payroll by SD WorxGig-economy ready

All extended workforce-related data and processes are in a single, central, accessible place. For everyone. On any device, in real time.

Flexible around youGreat employee experience

Employees, managers, payroll and HR professionals can connect within an intuitive and collaborative digital HR ecosystem.

Built to meet the challenges of the modern workplace

SD Worx People is a flexible core HR solution, centralising all people data in real time. Modern, intuitive, and easy to navigate, it simplifies the management of your entire extended workforce. Powerful people analytics make it easier than ever to gain insights that inform strategic decision-making and improve the performance of your company. Easy connection with other systems, and built-in legal compliance with frameworks such as GDPR, free your team to focus on value-adding tasks.

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    Towards a one-stop shop for all things HR

    Many HR technology providers are essentially IT companies. By contrast, we have over 75 years of experience in payroll and HR. SD Worx People is fully integrated with software for payroll and time and attendance. Want to add talent management to the mix? Your wish is our command.

      Harmonise your way of working across the organisation

      Easily configure employee files and workflows to correspond with all local (administrative, payroll, governmental, tax, …) and company-specific requirements. Adapt the preconfigured workflows for onboarding, transfer and termination to your company’s approval flows and way of working, harmonising these processes across all countries and business units.


        Truly international

        All your employees, regardless of their contract type or country of employment, enjoy harmonised workflows and an exceptional user experience. SD Worx People is available in 16 countries and 13 languages, boosting engagement at all organisational levels. New countries also can easily be configured.


          A single source of truth for all decision-making

          SD Worx People serves as a single source of input, enabling full and accurate reporting and insights that inform strategic decision-making and boost company performance. Gain a clear overview of headcount, organisational chart, teams, histories, employees and salaries, globally or by country. Track payroll costs by country, cost centre or business unit – in real time.

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