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SD Worx enters collaboration with European market leader Talentsoft

Talent management as a basis for sustainable, employable and flexible employees
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London, 23 June – SD Worx will be collaborating with Talentsoft, the European market leader in talent management software, in order to better serve companies with their recruitment, HR, training and employee evaluation. Thanks to this collaboration, SD Worx can offer companies a platform that represents a complete solution for recruitment, training and performance management.

In the trenches of the labour market, there is still a real war for the best talent going on. It is therefore necessary to involve all those valuable employees in a transparent way, and to offer prospects for growth within the company as individuals. Perhaps an even stronger argument has emerged during the coronavirus outbreak: thanks to their employees' development, teams offering a wide range of versatility and flexibility are finding it easier to adapt to new working conditions. 

    From the employee's perspective

    The new talent suite that SD Worx offers with Talentsoft is based on the employee's perspective. Employees will have a clear view of their career opportunities and will be given all the opportunities to take steps based on a personal development plan and a range of training courses. For many employees, a crystal-clear picture of career opportunities is often an important motivation to stay with their company despite calls from the competition. 

    The platform helps companies in three areas: recruitment, performance and competencies, and training. The benefits include a redesigned work experience, tools that enable managers to offer more and better coaching and gain a better understanding of the existing profiles, for example, through faster and more thorough evaluation sessions. 

    “For eBlox Talent, we work with Talentsoft, a strategic player and expert in Talent Management. They are the European market leader not just because their software is the frontrunner but also because they know how to manage the diversity of European practices and regulations. This allows companies with operations in several countries to take a streamlined, international approach in all their departments, for example. The flexible and intuitive Talentsoft digital platform offers great prospects," says Bastien Swÿsen, Portfolio Manager Partnerships at SD Worx.