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Payrolling Benefits in Kind and P11D

Join the experts for a masterclass in Payrolling Benefits in Kind (PBIK). Our resident payroll guru, Simon Parsons, will deep dive into a wealth of information during this premium session.

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Discussion points on the agenda include: 

  1. Differences between P11D and payrolling
  2. Informal payrolling and the ramifications
  3. Formal payrolling and the obligations
    • Registration
    • Deadlines
    • Do’s and don’ts
  4. Exclusions from PBIK and the benefits which are not suitable for PBIK
  5. ‘How to’ payroll benefits
  6. RTI reporting
    • Focus on company cars

Please note that this is a premium consultancy session and as such will be charged at £195 for attendees. This will be billed by invoice after the completion of the session.