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The Secrets of Achieving Payroll Compliance

Powerful payroll and compliance strategies are critical to modern organisations. Especially in legislation-led industries such as Financial Services, where payroll and HR requirements are different. So how do you ensure a stable HR and Payroll set-up, whilst remaining agile to legislative change?


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About this talk

How do you put the right systems in place to simplify the pay-run, confidently remain compliant, and get through each pay-cycle without anxiety?

Our webinar brought together industry experts – including Simon Parsons (Director Compliance Strategies, SD Worx) and Helen Bailey (HR Business Risk Management, Capital One) – to highlight the ever-changing world of compliance and payroll rules & regulations, using real-world examples of organisations who are successfully navigating this complex landscape. Topics covered included:

  • How recent changes to legislation have impacted payroll
  • Key considerations around compliance, risk management, and data security
  • How to hold third-party providers to the same standards and controls expected of your industry
  • What a best of breed payroll looks like for Financial Services
  • How to ensure a stable HR and Payroll set-up whilst remaining agile to legislative change

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