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4 ways to practice healthier habits around the office

4 ways to practice healthier habits around the office

Most Human Resources departments work to maximise the bottom line of organisations, many HR professionals tackle this objective by focusing primarily on corporate health and wellness. The thinking here is fairly simple – if you can build a healthier workforce, they’re likely to be more productive each day, which ultimately translates to a more profitable business.

For this reason, many employers channel their energy into instituting big programmes that promote wellness. For example, they take out large-scale health insurance policies and try to cover as many employees as possible, or they start new partnerships with gyms and healthy eateries to change the way people diet and exercise.

These ideas are all well and good, but there’s another relevant question to be asked – what can be done on a more granular level? What are some ways that individual people can make themselves healthier?

    The following are four ideas for getting healthier just by making little changes around the office:

    Stay moving throughout the day

    The worst thing you can do is stay at a desk all day or being inactive for a long period of time. Find some ways to keep moving! Instead of meeting with someone at their desk, instead you could “walk and talk.” Rather than take a break to check social media, use your break time to walk around the building.

      Fit exercise into your schedule

      Everyone’s schedule is busy with projects and meetings, but you should make some time for exercise too. Take a few minutes at the beginning or end of the day to hit the gym or go for a quick run. Fitness is important for a healthy lifestyle. 

        Make nutrition a priority

        Pay attention to the food being passed around your office. Are you serving greasy pizza and sugary drinks? Or is there some room for fresh fruits and vegetables too?

          Decompress to relieve stress

          Finally, mental health is equally important. If work is becoming stressful, take some time to meditate or listen to calming music. It will help you decompress and prepare yourself to return to work with renewed focus.