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Gender pay gap: 3 ways effective HR solutions could help

The first part of our latest series of webinars discussed the gender pay gap, and looked at how your company can analyse and act on your data effectively.

Chris Charman, Senior Principal at human resources specialists Mercer, took us through a huge number of the pitfalls faced by companies in the long struggle for pay equality. Read part 1 >>

For part two of our seminar, our Commercial Director John Cusack and Business Development Manager Steve Knapman, built upon the information outlined by Chris – and discussed how SD Worx’s analysis tools can provide you with in-depth statistics on the gender pay gap.

Here are useful points that we took away from the webinar:

1. Analytics has to become the norm in HR

One of the main complaints found by John in the HR world is that staff struggle to unearth meaning from their analytics.

Laden with a mass of competing statistics and occasionally stuck with data which is missing or incomplete, building a full picture of a company’s payroll seems impossible for HR professionals who have to create a comprehensible document in a short space of time.

John pointed out that SD Worx can provide accessible analytics presented in plain English. Providing you with professional insights into your payroll, the software can even make recommendations based on the data you give it. All of this will help you unpack information quickly and effectively, and will prove invaluable for any HR professional.

2. A little bit of data can go a long way

SD Worx is designed to make small amounts of information produce substantive results. This is in part because of the precise way our software unpacks data, understanding information more easily by refining it into these categories:

  • Combine
  • Categorise
  • Deduce
  • Calculate

Processing data in this way allows us to present it in a clear and concise way – and will make analysing pay disparities a lot easier.

3. Highlighting problems is the best way to fix them

Some important statistics might go unnoticed if you’ve got masses of charts and data to wade through. To help combat this, John pointed out that SD Worx’s mission control section will present pressing HR issues to you in plain English, evading the process of manually scouring in-depth analytics.

These features will help you create reports on the gender pay gap more easily, ensuring you stay compliant in the new legal landscape.