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HR & Marketing: A perfect blend (Part 1/2)

HR and Marketing, hand in hand
Human Resources and Marketing are two departments that have traditionally run side by side, often in silo, but can be stronger and more successful with frequent points of interaction.

Typically, Marketing manages an organisation's external brand and its reputation with external stakeholders, while HR manages the internal brand and its reputation with internal stakeholders. By creating better synergies between the two departments, you will create a more consistent and holistic brand experience for all.

Building a relationship
The relationship that Marketing build with customers by defining and promoting the brand should be consistent with the relationship that HR builds with potential, current and former employees.

While HR supports Marketing by identifying the best talent to represent the brand, the Marketing team reinforces the HR messages by clearly articulating the brand purpose to employees; but how can Marketing and HR work more seamlessly together and what impact can you expect?

Foster the power of your 'Brand Ambassadors'
In my previous blog I closed stating that employees can become natural brand ambassadors. Fostering the right culture within your company is vital and something that Marketing and HR play a key part in.

HR departments must believe in the power of marketing, and the Marketing department has to understand that a brand needs satisfied employees in order to thrive.

No matter how well executed a Marketing plan may be, it won't ever compensate for employees failing to deliver a seamless customer experience. Likewise, HR isn't able to attract the top talent if Marketing fails to develop great content and promote the brand purpose. Creating better synergy between the two teams will ultimately produce greater results in strengthening the company brand.

Part 2 of my blog discusses aspects around colleague communication, recognition and feedback.