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From AI to holiday pay: July's Payroll Question Time webinar highlights

Understanding the complex landscape of payroll legislation can be challenging, which is why the Payroll Question Time Webinar, hosted by SD Worx, is invaluable for Payroll & HR professionals.

In our monthly sessions, we bring together a panel of experts and the wider Payroll & HR community to unpack the latest changes in legislation and answer pressing questions during a live Q&A.

July 2023’s session brought together an exceptional panel: Simon Parsons, Director UK Compliance at SD Worx; Lou Gray, Associate Director of Payroll at Evelyn Partners; Richard George, Director of Education at The Payroll Centre; Andy Nicholls, Industry Liaison Manager at The Pensions Regulator; and our host and moderator, Nick Day, Managing Director of JGA Recruitment. 

They covered a broad range of crucial topics, summarised below. To gain a comprehensive understanding, make sure to view the full Payroll Question Time Webinar.

In addition to the expert panel discussions, three audience polls helped gauge opinions on evolving family-focused payroll policies, experiences with PAYE Settlement Agreements (PSA), and the performance of the HMRC. In each poll, the audience seemed to emphasise the challenges they face, including adapting payroll to family needs, dealing with PSA, and interfacing with the HMRC.

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      Audience interaction was pivotal to the discussion, with an informative Q&A revolving around the covered topics. The audience also expressed curiosity about the potential impact of AI on the payroll industry.

      Let's delve into the key discussion points:

      Work/Life Balance: The panel discussed various family-oriented payroll policies, potential reforms, and flexible working options that can enhance work-life balance. Notably, a poll revealed that most organisations are currently reviewing policies to accommodate evolving family needs.

      Car Allowance Deductions / Class 1 NI: The panel reviewed the outcomes of the Laing O'Rourke / Willmott Dixon cases and the implications for companies in terms of potential National Insurance refunds.

      HMRC / PAYE Deadlines and Support: The panellists highlighted the upcoming deadlines for PSA and blended rates, shared experiences with HMRC, and offered tips for resolving disputes. In a relevant poll, the majority of the audience rated the HMRC's performance as poor, indicating the need for significant improvement.

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          Managing the Holiday Period: The panel explored strategies for managing payroll during business shutdowns and strike actions, emphasising the importance of maintaining compliance and fair pay.

          SD Worx Academy – Holiday Masterclass: Simon Parsons of SD Worx will host a special edition webinar on holiday pay law on August 4th. Additionally, upcoming SD Worx Academy sessions will cover pensions, the National Minimum Wage, and Payrolling Benefits in Kind.

          Pensions Update: Andy Nicholls shared the latest regulatory updates affecting payroll, including changes to contribution rates, thresholds, tax, and workplace pension schemes.

          For an in-depth exploration of these topics, we invite you to watch the full Payroll Question Time Webinar and sign up for future editions. Also, check out our comprehensive payroll solutions to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of HR and payroll.

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