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October 2023 Payroll Question Time Recap: New Panel Members and Age Old Problems Solved!

Payroll Question Time, a monthly rendezvous of payroll professionals, returned this October with a stellar panel and a litany of intriguing topics that matter the most to payroll professionals today.

We were thrilled to welcome a fresh face to our panel – Karen Thomson, Director of UK Payroll & Employment Taxes at AAB. She took her place alongside our distinguished regulars: Simon Parsons, Richard George, Andy Nicholls, and our dedicated host, Nick Day.

    Key discussion points included:


    1. Payroll Professionals & Tax Advisory:
      • Should payroll experts double up as tax advisors?
      • Payroll’s duty in Anti Money Laundering (AML) processes was dissected.
      • Discussions cantered on payroll's role in pensions, the nuances of due diligence, and potential risks.
    2. Real Living Wage Updates:
      • The latest on the voluntary real living wage – distinct from the national variant.
      • The introduction of "real living hours" and its implications.
      • Debates on offering consistent hours to zero-hours contract employees.
    3. Holiday Pay Insights:
      • A deep dive into the recent case involving the Police service of Northern Ireland.
      • Supreme Court's verdict on the 3-month linking and its repercussions.
      • Actionable takeaways for employers in the wake of the decision.
    4. Disaster Recovery in the Remote Age:
      • The imperativeness of a foolproof disaster recovery plan was emphasized.
      • Discussions revolved around the influence of remote working on recovery strategies.
      • Insights on backup methodologies and their efficacy.
    5. Fresh from SD Worx Academy:
      • A sneak peek into the free sessions for 2024.
      • A warm welcome to the new educators, Julie and Fiona.
      • Spotlight on "Payroll Benefits in Kind" and an invite to peruse the course calendar.
    6. Pension Ponderings with Andy:
      • The latest shakeups in the pensions space were highlighted.
      • A look at recent pivotal cases.
      • An in-depth look at the pillars of compliance and auto-enrolment.
    7. Hot Topics & Audience Q&A:
      • An interactive Q&A session where a wide array of questions from the audience was addressed.

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        Audience Poll Insights:

        On giving tax advice as a payroll professional:

        • 12.5% said "Yes, when it's within my remit."
        • 34.38% opted for "Sometimes, but with a caveat!"
        • 53.13% admitted "No, it's not my area of expertise."

        Regarding disaster recovery plans in businesses:

        • 56.52% confidently stated "Yes, it's tested and we are confident."
        • 23.91% were unsure, saying "I'm not sure – I hope so!"
        • 19.57% candidly answered "No, we need to review this urgently."

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