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3 Reasons Why Global Companies are Turning to Payroll Outsourcing

1. Alleviate the Administrative Load on Employees

Managing payroll across multiple countries is a task that consumes a lot of time and is prone to errors, with severe repercussions for non-compliance or inaccuracies. Chances are, your HR team would rather focus on strategic tasks than the nuts and bolts of payroll administration. As such, outsourcing your payroll could lead to a more productive and cheerful workplace environment.

    Titia van Rooijen
    The workload on our department increased significantly due to a joint venture. Fortunately, outsourcing immediately alleviated this burden. Our payroll advisor handles the net pay computations for our Belgian workforce, assists with end-of-year bonuses and holiday pay, and serves as our primary contact for legal advice.
    Titia van Rooijen
    Titia van Rooijen, Responsable Régionale au Sein du HR Shared Service Center, CWS-Boco Initial

    2. Maintain Consistency in HR Tasks

    While your HR team might seem to have everything under control, keeping up with the complexities of international payroll is no small feat. Staff movements, both within and outside the company, can put strain on your team as knowledge isn't always transferred or processes are altered. Finding suitable replacements quickly can be a challenge due to the intricacies of payroll. However, as you're well aware, payroll waits for no one.

    Entrusting certain tasks to an outsourcing partner eradicates this issue. HR outsourcing partners typically assign dedicated employees to assist your business, but if they're unavailable, a backup is always ready to step in. The result? Peace of mind

      Bert Van der Wee
      Even if someone on my team falls ill or exits the company, our payroll management remains unaffected. All aspects are thoroughly documented and securely managed by SD Worx.
      Bert Van der Wee
      Bert Van der Wee, Director of administration , Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP

      3. Empower Staff to Concentrate on Value-Adding Tasks

      The amount of work involved in calculating and processing payroll is substantial. Consequently, projects of higher strategic importance may be side-lined during busy payroll periods. Outsourcing payroll provides an effective solution to this, freeing up your team's time to focus on enhancing employee engagement and experiences, for instance.

      In the market for your ideal global payroll partner? Our payroll specialists have supported some of the world's largest brands in achieving their strategic goals through outsourcing, and they're ready to assist you too.

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