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What happens when you first move to our managed service

It’s natural to have concerns about moving your payroll operations to a managed supplier, but we’re here to put your mind at ease. We’ve got your back. Moving to our managed payroll service is not as complicated as you might think.

What happens when I first switch?

Our dedicated payroll team try and make this process as simple as possible using our trusted control methodology. You’ll be introduced to your dedicated Service Delivery Manager who will work with you to transition from your software, or service, to our managed service, and you’ll have plenty of interaction with our implementation and service delivery teams to help you get set up quickly and easily.

What happens in month 1&2? 

We’ll work with you to agree a key calendar of events for the first two months of processing and ensure that we are tracking progress and performance through the month. We’ll explain the output of standard checks, controls and balances that cover most payrolls, and we’ll also cover specific Standard Operating Procedures.

In addition, we’ll share our Standard Summary Information to help you ensure that it complies with your internal audit requirements. All this at the same time as running your live payroll and ensuring your employees get paid accurately and on time. Finally, we’ll hold a service review meeting to check the performance and outcome.

What happens in month 3 and beyond?

Your payroll is up and running, but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop communicating. We’ll agree your payroll calendar for the rest of the year and schedule service reviews at your convenience so we can make sure you’re happy. As we work in an environment of continuous improvement, we’ll ensure that we are always improving and driving efficiencies to help your organisation.

Talk to us to find out how our managed payroll service can help your organisation.

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