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Choose the right digital Workforce management solution, with help from the WOW Finder

The right workforce management solution benefits your company at every functional level. You should expect more transparency, flexibility, autonomy—all of which are essential for a great employee experience. However, these benefits probably only come as standard with some of the suppliers you consider. Choosing between them is one the most important ways to ensure your workforce management set-up is a success. So where do you start?

    The WOW Finder helps you cut through the digital noise and sales pitches to find the WFM supplier that best meets your needs now, and that won’t hold you back as your business grows. Validated by a team of SD Worx experts, its 10-question framework provides clear selection criteria for making a choice that WOWs your company on every level.


      Your way to WOW in three simple steps:

      1. Download our free PDF to prep for your WFM supplier meetings

      2. Ask them the 10 questions provided and jot down their answers

      3. Map their responses to our answer key, add up the scores and pick the best provider!

        Why is the WOW Factor so important when it comes to workforce management?

        Many companies fall into the trap of thinking that workforce management only refers to time and attendance tracking. But in 2023, digital WFM is an essential tool for providing a great employee experience. Here are just some of the benefits, at every level of your organisation.

        • Confidence: It’s reassuring to rely on a digital system that automatically ensures every employee gets paid accurately and in-full, no matter how irregular the hours they keep, or how unique their contract type.
        • Transparency: Confidence also comes through access to information. With digital WFM, employees can submit requests and consult their personal data at any time, in any place, for real-time updates.
        • Flexibility: Remote working and flexible scheduling becomes a breeze with a cloud-based time tracking system, while HR gets an easy overview of who is working, from where and when.
        • Convenience: Paperwork who? An easy-to-use and scalable WFM tool enables HR to work in a more agile way, and to save their energy for more strategic People projects.

        The WOW Finder makes it easy to find a digital workforce management solution that ticks all those boxes and more. Are you ready to give it a whirl?