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Payroll Efficiency Review

Discover the ROI of true Payroll Efficiency.

We offer a free, non-committal appraisal of your payroll operations. Your payroll function will be benchmarked objectively against Payroll Standard Timings and analysed across three performance categories: risk assessment, cost saving suggestions, and process optimisation. We’ll then share with you a report highlighting (and quantifying) areas of inefficiency, with recommendations on how we might do things differently for you. In fact, we’ve helped some large organisations uncover cost savings as high as £1m versus their incumbent contract.  

payroll efficiency
payroll efficiency

Benefits of Payroll Efficiency:

  • Make significant time and cost savings
  • Demonstrate value and ROI
  • Increase productivity and efficiency across business functions
  • Develop standardised and scalable processes for future growth
  • Improve compliance and reduce risks and liabilities

    How we’ve helped businesses unlock real payroll efficiency

    A finance organisation achieved large cost and time savings

    We helped them: - Achieve £270k worth of cost savings over a 5-year period - Save 75% of their time for absence, sickness, starters and leavers input - Save 50% of time on their pension process

    A retail organisation identified efficiency and compliance gains

    We helped them: - Identify £100k worth of cost savings over a 5-year period. - Save 90% of their time which is currently spent on payroll reconciliation. - Save 100% of their time on auto-enrolment processes.

    A manufacturing organisation enhanced employee experience

    We helped them: - Identify considerable costs savings across the board - Estimate a 15-day saving per month for manual tasks - Save a total of 120 days across the business with employee and manager self-service functionality

    3 steps to Payroll Efficiency

    cogs largeStage 1: Preliminary evaluation

    We’ll conduct a video call with you to understand the people, processes and technology used in your payroll operations and explore what is and isn’t working for you. This provides our experts with a solid foundation to assess the efficiency of your payroll processes.

    phone largeStage 2: Second stage evaluation

    We’ll interview the key stakeholders from your organisation, such as the Payroll Manager and HR Manager, to learn specific details of your payroll processes. We’ll perform a gap analysis to highlight areas of inefficiency and identify the key enablers that will increase organisational growth.

    report largeStage 3: Results

    We’ll take you through your personalised report and discuss the recommendations with you. We’ll highlight which areas will drive the highest cost savings and efficiencies in your organisation. Finally, we’ll help you create a compelling business case to put the recommendations into action.

    Book your free Payroll Efficiency Review