How we helped Molson Coors streamline their payroll operations

Molson Coors were seeking a payroll and HR partner that would enable their employees to update systems within a timely manner. Self-service allowed them to achieve greater compliance and accuracy and streamline their payroll operations.
I love working alongside SD Worx. We have a really good, strong partnership and their efficiency to payroll accuracy is the same as ours. I know I can call any of the team with a concern and they will be there to support me… I am really looking forward to continuing our partnership
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Melanie Salmon HR Operations Manager


Leading brewers Molson Coors’ main challenge is getting line managers to update self-serve within a timely manner, and ensuring all the systems are up-to-date and accurate in preparation for payroll processing.

Molson Coors were making significant changes to their employees’ terms and conditions of payroll and bringing HR Service Centre in-house, which impacted their payroll processes. The service levels and confidence they had with SD Worx as their payroll provider, and the strong partnership that had been formed over the years, allowed Molson Coors to make all these changes while ensuring continuance of payroll accuracy, expertise and high levels of compliance.


SD Worx understood Molson Coors’ payroll systems, processes and company values well, and used their payroll knowledge and expertise to ensure challenges were met and resolved. SD Worx’s strong communication and proficiency allowed ideas to be bounced off to get the best results that suited the team at Molson Coors.

By using HRevolution Software, Molson Coors can easily access their online reporting, and it is where employees go to retrieve their documents, payslips, and end of year reports electronically. During a time when Molson Coors were making some changes to their payroll structure, SD Worx provided them with peace of mind in the background by ensuring payroll was smooth and stable.

Benefits & Impact

  • Strong partnership formed and a great working relationship
  • Support from a provider who has strong payroll knowledge and expertise
  • Consistent contact to make sure all the processes are running smoothly
  • SD Worx share the same values as Molson Coors and are able to adapt to changes
  • Regular governance calls are vital to look over audits, legislation changes and upcoming projects
  • SD Worx have high levels of compliance which are important to Molson Coors
  • Molson Coors have seen financial benefits by partnering with SD Worx
  • A payroll system that can easily be accessed electronically

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