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Managed Payroll Services

Accurate payroll delivered on time, every time.

Payroll works best when nobody notices it. That’s why SD Worx’s payroll outsourcing service is one of the quietest in the industry. Put simply, you pass us your data, and we process your payroll, ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time, every time, while keeping you legislatively compliant.

We are the longest serving provider of payroll services in the UK, with over 50 years’ experience and an industry leading payroll accuracy of 99.93%. Whatever your payroll needs are, we’ve got the people and technology to meet them.

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Our Managed Payroll Service

Industry leading payroll accuracy

Less overpayments and debt to manage
Our accuracy rates are consistently above 99%, which is hard to match with even the most reliable in-house payroll systems. For a highly complex payroll of 170,000 retail employees we repeatedly deliver 100% accuracy.

On and offshore capabilities

Blended to perfection
SD Worx Mauritius is one of our most dynamic and thriving teams. Our colleagues in Mauritius and the UK work to deliver a blended on and offshore managed service for a number of our customers.

Data exchange

The cogs that make it work
There are many sources of data needed for payroll. We'll set up links with any other system, such as the HMRC or a flexible benefits solution provider.

Payroll outputs

We've got all the outs covered
Outputs include payslips, P45's, management reports, data to 3rd party systems and electronic exchange to the HMRC Every output method is fully secure & private.

Quality customer service

Quick, helpful and professional
Whether it's one of our dedicated UK payroll service centres or our excellent offshore team in Mauritius, our colleagues are always on hand to offer a fast, helpful & professional response. We are proud to have a Net Promoter Score 300% higher than the industry average.

Payroll outsourcing technology

We're tech savvy, so you don't have to be
There's no in-house IT or maintenance hassle; we look after the underlying cloud technology. Your data is stored securely and backed up with disaster recovery plans in place; whatever happens, your payroll will run as normal.

Payroll reports

Reports make managers happy.
Our standard suite of 150+ payroll reports is updated in real time by Active Technology. This allows for accurate reporting and forecasting, at any time.

Tax Year End Filing

It's Tax Year End every day for us.
TYE processing is a continuous year round process for us. We ensure data is always up to date & accurate. TYE is processed in line with the HMRC's guidelines.

Unrivalled payroll expertise

Some of the best people in the payroll industry
Our people are the most knowledgeable & influential in the industry and have decades of experience. We share this expertise and best practice with you, to help you find the most efficient solution for your business

Anytime, anywhere.

It's mobile, just like you.
Reduce payroll queries by up to 75% with our interactive online payslips. Employees can access payslip information securely on any device, at any time.

Benefits of payroll outsourcing

  • Outsourcing allows you to turn your costs from fixed to variable.
  • Our experience has shown that a typical business with 1,000 employees can save c£100,000 per year when outsourcing its payroll with reduced employee and IT costs, and improved payroll accuracy. This can be reduced further by using salary sacrifice.
  • Protect your business from risk, with a reliable service and disaster recovery.
  • You can further reduce your costs with our proven offshore model in Mauritius.
  • Changes to employee details like new starters, leavers, and salary increases can be entered in our HR software and integrated with our outsourced payroll service – so you can make even greater efficiencies and further reduce risk in your processes.

Payroll outsourcing technology

  • No in-house IT maintenance; we maintain the underlying cloud payroll software that stores your data.
  • Data stored backed up with disaster recovery plans; whatever happens, your payroll will run as normal.
  • Access your data and reports online, anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Self-service access to view payslips and P60 information online from any web browser or tablet device.