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How account management contributes to a rigid partnership

Pioneer Investments wanted an outsourced payroll provider that could integrate with HR. They required a partner who understood their strict business controls and one who would communicate effectively.


    In 2007, Pioneer conducted an extensive review of all the different outsourced payroll providers in the Irish market that would best manage Pioneer’s payroll function for approximately 15 entities.

    The main reason for choosing SD Worx at the time was based on SD Worx’s outstanding proposition and the promised value of its offering. Ten years later and with so much changes that have happened internally between Pioneer and SD Worx, Siobhan, Transactions Processing and Controls Manager at Pioneer Investments, remembers the most vital ingredient of the solid connection between the two partners. According to Siobhan, account management has been a key contributor to a rigid relationship between Pioneer and SD Worx.


      Siobhan also advises that Pioneer are very strict in terms of controls and procedures and it is good that their payroll team within SD Worx understand the importance of all the controls and the reasons why they are in place. Pioneer’s Payroll team continuously look for suggestions not only to improve the payroll processes but also to make work easier for everyone. They believe that integration between payroll and HR is important for any relationship of this kind to succeed further.

        Benefits & Impact

        As the partnership accelerates to a new level, Siobhan and her team at Pioneer are looking forward to a more proactive rapport between SD Worx and Pioneer, in terms of HR and payroll integration.

        This means cross communication between the two functions has to be introduced to make sure that every aspect is looked after. This will then allow the potential service improvements to be continuously maximised, implemented and enjoyed by both parties.

          Having an account manager has been an important part of the relationship; just to have someone to go to for escalation purposes is something that we value and really gives us that peace of mind feeling.
          Siobhan White, Transactions Processing And Controls Manager, Amundi Pioneer

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