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Digital Workforce Management and the Importance of Employee Experience

Watch as our expert panel, including guest speaker from Deloitte, discuss the blueprint for adding the WOW factor to Workforce Management.

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Digital Workforce Management

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Time tracking employee hours is already a legal obligation, but how you manage this is up to you. Is the current system you’re using to fulfil mandatory Workforce Management (WFM) requirements also fulfilling the wider needs of your people and your organisation?

And is it providing the employee experience and wellbeing needed to win in the ongoing war for talent?

Watch our webinar recording below as our experts help you answer these questions, as well as offering practical advice to ensure your Workforce Management has the WOW factor.

    Meet our expert panel

    Executive Leaders Network
    Jan Laurijssen
    Jan Laurijssen
    Researcher and Consultant
    SD Worx
    Chris Vercammen
    Chris Vercammen
    International Sales Excellence Manager
    Jenine Bogrand
    Jenine Bogrand
    Director | Human Capital/Payroll & Workforce Management

    What you’ll learn:

    • How to create the flexibility to accommodate complex, hybrid, multi-country workflows
    • How to take control of customisation and scalability, whilst keeping cost of ownership down
    • Ways to benefit from the simplicity and usability of cloud technology that is easy to adopt
    • The benefits of WFM integration with your HR & Payroll systems
    • Why transparency through reporting, monitoring and self-service is so important for employee experience