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Getting the HR & Payroll foundations right

The first of five webinars where we will address crucial topics that HR & Payroll leaders can't ignore, as they seek to create the right people management ecosystem for their business.

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Without a solid operational HR foundation, organisations can run into compliance issues, payroll problems, or process issues that erode employee trust and derail HR’s strategies.

In our first of five Foundations webinars, we combine a wealth of HR research and a panel of industry thought leaders to look into the future and discuss the shared challenges that organisations experience when it comes to payroll and HR


Watch now to discover:

How to create the conditions for HR to thrive as strategic leaders

  • The biggest problems organisations face in payroll - from cost and complexity to compliance
  • Updating older systems and processes to make your data work for you
  • Real-life examples of the HR strategists who got it right
  • How to start mapping your HR & Payroll foundations blueprint

      Who is on the panel?

      Nick Day
      Nick Day
      JGA Recruitment
      Bob Rehill
      Lace Partners Logo
      Chris Kirby
      Senior Manager
      LACE Partners

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