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How Digital Time Management Can Drive Employee Wellbeing

Tracking employee hours is not only a legal obligation but also an opportunity to enhance the employee experience within your organisation. In the competitive landscape for talent, prioritising employee wellbeing is vital for success.

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Join the expert panel on this webinar, featuring specialists from Deloitte and SD Worx, as they delve into strategies for humanising workforce management and discuss the importance of employee wellbeing. They will share their years of industry knowledge and answer your questions during this engaging webinar.
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    Who is this webinar for?

    This webinar is ideal for CHROs, senior HR leaders, and those working with teams at companies with at least 250 employees across any business verticals. If you're seeking to expand your knowledge on workforce management or confront challenges in this area, our panel will provide valuable insights.

      Key Takeaways

      • Achieving flexibility: Learn how to accommodate complex, hybrid, and multi-country workflows while prioritising the human aspect.
      • Mastering customisation and scalability: Discover ways to manage these factors without sacrificing employee well-being or increasing ownership costs.
      • Embracing cloud technology: Understand the benefits of simplicity, usability, and easy adoption for both employees and the organisation.
      • Promoting transparency: Uncover the importance of reporting, monitoring, and self-service in fostering a positive and empowering employee experience.
      • Unlocking employee productivity: Learn how humanising digital time management can enable increased efficiency and productivity in the workplace

        Who is on the panel?

        Peter Dorrington
        Peter Dorrington
        Jenine Bogrand
        Jenine Bogrand
        Director | Human Capital/Payroll & Workforce Management
        Jan Laurijssen
        Jan Laurijssen
        HR Evangelist