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Payroll’s People Revolution

The fifth webinar in the SD Worx HR & Payroll Foundations series discusses the transformation of the payroll function from a traditional back-office department into a dynamic and influential function that contributes to employee engagement and overall workplace experience. In an era marked by the challenges of the cost-of-living crisis, recruitment difficulties, and employee retention struggles, unlocking the hidden potential of payroll has never been more crucial. 

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payroll revolution

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Extensive changes across all organisations have led to payroll and HR transformations that are reshaping the overall work experience and engaging employees in a whole new way. The traditional image of payroll is fast becoming obsolete. In today’s world, it is a dynamic data-driven function that can play a pivotal role in nurturing employee satisfaction from their initial onboarding to supporting their financial well-being.

During this session, our esteemed panel will be discussing all of these topics, including expert advice and real-life case studies in detail during a perceptive, 1-hour free webinar. 

    Who is on the panel?

    Nick Day
    Nick Day
    JGA Recruitment
    Bob Rehill
    Kat Bernardes
    Kat Bernardes
    LACE Partners

    Watch now to discover:

    • Onboarding Made Easy: We'll discuss how payroll can create a positive first impression by streamlining the onboarding process, offering employees a seamless experience even before they officially start work.
    • Real-Time Earnings: Discover how providing employees with real-time visibility into their earnings can empower them and enhance their engagement.
    • Flexible Pay Propositions: We'll explore the concept of flexible pay options and how it can give employees more control over their finances, helping them avoid the pitfalls of payday loans.
    • Financial Wellbeing Support: Learn how payroll can contribute to employees' financial well-being by providing tools and resources to improve their financial literacy.
    • Personalised Payroll: Find out how payroll professionals can use data to develop tailored propositions for employees, creating truly personalised experiences.
    • Benefits for Employers: Discover the benefits organisations can reap by investing in payroll to improve the employee experience, including improved retention and the ability to attract top talent.

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