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Digital workplace - Operational excellence

Digital workplace – Step 1: operational excellence

Automating HR tasks is the first step towards building a strong digital workplace. By simplifying and streamlining complex, repetitive, and time-consuming processes such as payroll, core HR, and time and attendance, you can achieve operational excellence and lay the foundation for a successful digital transformation.

    HR tech is mostly used to digitalise these processes:

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      Why striving for HR operational excellence?

      Digitalising your HR processes will make them more efficient, more productive, more profitable, more accurate and more satisfactory to customers. Moreover, you’ll free up time for your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives.

        Operational excellence - Magdalena Lawera Garlicka Ansell Services

          Who can benefit from HR automation?

          Organisations taking their first steps in the digitalisation journey and looking for low-hanging fruit. That said, automating HR processes is just as important to small businesses as it is to larger ones. For example, many SMEs lack an HR manager or dedicated team, so all time savings are welcome.

            Digitalising your HR processes for optimum efficiency: enough or not?

            While automation can offer significant benefits for the business and HR, it's important to note that the digital experience for end users can be easily overlooked if not implemented properly. It's crucial for companies to prioritise user experience and ensure that the automation technologies they implement are user friendly and integrate seamlessly with existing HR systems.

            This concern is reflected by the fact that organisations are generally more committed to streamlining and automating HR processes than they are to providing a better digital experience for their employees.

              Operational excellence - Hans Janse SD Worx

                How is your organisation committed to digitalisation?

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                  Tips to successfully digitalise your HR processes

                  √ Beware of over-digitalisation: digitalisation is not a goal in itself. Only automate HR processes when it creates substantial value.

                  √ Master compliance and security: moving HR processes to the cloud – or even on-premise digital systems – requires data, security and privacy management.

                  √ Assess performance: regularly evaluate what works and what doesn’t. Make sure you have smooth access to performance indicators.

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