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Sparking Success Together: NPS Customer Panel

Our customers have always been, and will always be, central to our success: today, tomorrow and well into the future. 

We want to strengthen our relationship with our customers, starting with open and honest communication and collaboration. 
Every year, we ask customers to take part in a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, to rate their overall satisfaction with our service, products, and much more. We take NPS very seriously, and after receiving lots of insightful feedback, we wanted to open a two-way dialogue with our customers, which is why we created the NPS customer panel. 

We hosted our first virtual NPS panel this month with twenty customers in attendance. The aim of the session was to share the findings from the latest NPS survey results and our action plan to make improvements, where appropriate, and enhance the customer experience. We’d like to share some of the main outcomes of the session: 

    Customer Experience

    Overall, customers said their partnership with SD Worx was great, and they had easy and reliable access to SD Worx colleagues to answer any questions or provide support.

    The NPS survey results told us that customers wanted simple and clearer communications from SD Worx. During the session, Pete Howley, Service Delivery Director at SD Worx, shared an update on the switch from email communications to the use of MyServicePoint (MySP). MySP offers improved customer transparency and easily accessible, point in time customer information all from one portal. Some of the benefits of MySP include:

    • A clearer overview of your questions
    • An easier way to work together – communications and payroll calendar
    • Any issues will be resolved rapidly
    • A more secure way to share documents

    To learn more, you can watch a video here.

    MySP is currently in the pilot phase, please look out for more communications coming soon.

      Technology & Service

      Stephen Ousley, SD Worx Portfolio leader, discussed how the product roadmap is being guided by customer insights and feedback from various forums, such as the Customer Advisory Group, the NPS survey and the Customer Outcomes survey. In addition, we have guidance from the Usability Centre of Excellence and Legislative Experts and Market Analysis to enhance our decisions.

      In 2021 we made the following improvements:

      • Employee UX – activities enabling a more engaging user experience for your employees, managers, and HR and payroll professionals. 
      • Seamless record flow - activities enabling effortless payroll

      Look out for an upcoming webinar where we'll be taking you through the changes in more detail. For now, please watch this video to see some of the changes and improvements we’ve made to improve customer experience.

        Our Colleagues

        SD Worx Payroll Services Director, Paul Thickett, ran through our plans to ensure our employees spark success at the heart of our customer’s business. He explored SD Worx’s values and principles and shared our competencies. He also talked about the training courses our people undergo, which will help nurture our people so that they are in pole position to anticipate customer needs and provide greater value.

          Knowledge Sharing

          We understand that ever changing compliance and legislation can be a challenge. That’s why we’re keen to provide greater support and guidance to our customers.

          SD Worx’s Director of UK Compliance Strategies, Simon Parsons, and Compliance Specialist, Ben Royal, shared how they are providing more in-depth legislative content and guidance. They shared the improvements made to our Trustworx portal, which will hold all the new legislation updates in one place. Additionally, they shared a vision of what the ‘customer journey’ looks like, regarding our plans to provide more intuitive documents, webinars and consultative support into 2022 and 2023.

            Sparking success, together

            We’d love for even more customers to take part in our next NPS session to help us spark success and shape SD Worx together. Please look out for the next invite coming soon and we’ll follow up in the usual way with everyone who attended. For now, we’ll be sharing more of the insights and how we’re putting the feedback into practice in our monthly customer newsletter which you can register for here and keep up with more updates on Trustworx.