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Decoding Key Legislative Changes: A recap of June's Payroll Question Time Webinar

Navigating the complex world of payroll and HR legislation can be a daunting task. SD Worx simplifies this with the monthly Payroll Question Time Webinar. Together with an expert panel and hundreds of Payroll & HR community members, we dissect the latest changes in legislation and answer your most urgent questions during our live Q&A.

June 2023’s session convened industry stalwarts: Simon Parsons, Director UK Compliance at SD Worx; Sam O’Sullivan, Policy Lead at the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals; Richard George, Director of Education at The Payroll Centre; and our host and moderator, Nick Day, Managing Director of JGA Recruitment. They tackled a host of pivotal topics, summarised below. For a thorough understanding, don't miss the full Payroll Question Time Webinar.

This session was made even more engaging with three audience polls on key subjects - awareness of blended rates, the impact of rolled-up holiday pay, and the shift towards payroll benefits due to the scrapping of paper P11Ds.

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      One of the standout features of our webinar was the dynamic Audience Q&A. Our audience raised thoughtful queries around P11D submissions, the challenges of liaising with HMRC, navigating company acquisitions, and the prospect of making payrolling of benefits mandatory, among others. The panellists tackled these issues head-on, providing practical advice and sharing their own experiences.

      Let's unpack the main discussion points:
      Reporting Benefits & Expenses Deadline: The panel highlighted the upcoming deadline for reporting benefits and expenses to HMRC, focusing on what businesses should consider for successful compliance.

      Blended Rate for Class 1A: The session emphasised the importance of using blended rates, providing businesses with invaluable advice on key considerations.

      EU Law Reform Consultation/Rolled Up Holiday Pay: The panel analysed a consultation seeking opinions on potential reforms to working time regulations, holiday pay, and the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (TUPE), stressing the need for industry voices to be heard before the July 7th deadline.

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          HMRC "Digital by Default" Framework: The experts reviewed the consensus from the recent consultation on modernising and simplifying Income Tax services, with a focus on the "Digital by default" principle.

          National Minimum Wage: The unveiling of the 'name and shame' list sparked a lively discussion around employer responsibilities and strategies for overcoming non-compliance.

          Bridging the Gap Between HR, Payroll, Pensions, and Finance: The panel navigated the challenges and opportunities presented by shared responsibilities among these departments.

          For a comprehensive dive into these topics, we encourage you to watch the full Payroll Question Time Webinar and sign up for future editions. Remember to explore our robust payroll solutions to equip yourself for the evolving landscape of HR and payroll.

          With over 75 years of experience and the trust of over 80,000 customers, SD Worx stands as a leading provider of expert payroll services. We are committed to guiding your business towards accuracy and compliance in a dynamic world. Stay ahead of the curve with SD Worx - your trusted partner in mastering payroll.