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Expert Q&A: what makes a winning business case for outsourcing payroll?

Are you interested in outsourcing your organisation’s payroll, but not sure how to get senior leadership on board? SD Worx experts recently participated in a webinar where we tackled that very topic. Hosted by HR Review, the session featured our CHRO Cathy Geerts, and Mandy Hawley, Partner & Channel Director for SD Worx UK & Ireland, along with Bob Rehill, HR opinion leader and founder of Bob Rehill & Associates.


    Lots of big questions were covered during the hour-long session, including a look at why the desire to outsource payroll has increased, as well as how payroll outsourcing fits into a digital transformation plan. Watch the webinar on demand, now.

    One of the most insightful points came when James Marsh of HR Review asked our experts: how do you put together a great business case for outsourcing payroll? Here’s what they had to say:

      It’s important to realise this is more than just a payroll business case. Payroll concerns the whole organisation. Find and engage stakeholder communities, including your peers working in finance, data compliance, legal and operations. Reach out to and engage those stakeholder communities, so you’re building a network that can drive your case for change.
      Bob Rehill, Founder, Cintriq
      Cathy Geerts
      It comes down to explaining exactly why change is necessary to improve processes and outcomes. That means providing proof points to demonstrate how full and partial payroll outsourcing can reduce risk, costs, time and effort spent on double entry systems, employee compliance training, developing IT infrastructure and more.
      Cathy Geerts
      Cathy Geerts, Chief HR Officer, SD Worx
      The risks of not switching up your payroll have always historically been harder to quantify. But it’s essential to point out the huge risks your organisation faces when it comes to compliance relating to IT security, GDPR and a huge variety of other legislation. As well as financial savings, such risks should also be front of mind when it comes to building a business case.
      Mandy Hawley, Partner and Channel Director, SD Worx

      Want to know more about the benefits of payroll outsourcing? Book a Payroll Discovery session and get personalised advice on building your business case.