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November 2023 Payroll Question Time Recap: An Autumn Statement Special!

Payroll Question Time, the essential gathering for payroll experts, returned this November with insightful discussions and a formidable panel: Karen Thomson, Director of UK Payroll & Employment Taxes at AAB; Simon Parsons, Director of Compliance Strategies at SD Worx; Andy Nicholls, Industry Liaison Manager at The Pensions Regulator and our dedicated host, Nick Day, Founder at JGA Recruitment. 

Hot off the heels of the government’s autumn statement, this PQT was a particularly packed session! 

Key Discussion Points Included:

  1. Autumn Statement Analysis:
    • Delved into the implications of the National Insurance cut from 12% to 10%.
    • Explored tax cuts and the permanency of full expensing.
    • Discussed updates on benefits and minimum wage rises.
  2. Christmas Preparations:
    • Focused on holiday cover and the new rules for holiday pay effective from April 2024.
    • Examined the latest on sick pay and its management.
  3. Car Allowances and Mileage Payments:
    • Addressed the legal aspects and necessary considerations to avoid unlawful wage deductions.
  4. Code of Conduct for Early Wage Access:
    • Discussed the new guidelines launched by CIPP and the importance of financial education.
  5. Updates from SD Worx:
  6. Pensions Update with Andy:
    • Andy shared the latest trends and updates in the world of pensions.
  7. Hot Topics / Q&A Session:
    • Engaging Q&A segment addressing a variety of payroll-related queries.

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      Audience Poll Insights:

      The panel also quizzed the audience for their opinions on the revelations of the autumn statement and also who they believed should be in charge of handling holiday pay. Was it payroll, HR or a combined effort? 

      Listen back to the session to find out!

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