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The true cost of switching payroll providers

The true cost of switching payroll providers

So, you’ve finally decided enough is enough, you want to switch payroll providers. But the perceived cost of changing to a new supplier is holding you back. You’ve heard it can be mega expensive and won’t there be loads of downtime?

Don’t believe everything you’ve heard. It might have been costly to change payroll suppliers twenty years ago, but thanks to modern technology, experienced payroll professionals and controlled business processes, it doesn’t cost nearly as much resource and time as you might think.

    The cost of transferring data

    Changing payroll supplier involves transferring all your payroll data from one supplier to another. Years ago, this would have been a nightmare because everything would need to be inputted into the new system manually. For a large company, this would have involved many late nights for the payroll team to manually input data from the old system into the new one driving up the cost of switching.

    The good news is that good payroll solutions now use automated software which eliminates the need to input data manually. By choosing a modern payroll solution, you can quickly and securely migrate your data from one supplier to another. If you are switching to an outsourced/managed payroll supplier, it’s even easier as you can send them the data file to upload themselves.

    SD Worx include a self-service portal that allows new clients to capture and validate their payroll and HR configuration. Once completed, we transmit the data held on it to our test and live databases. It also contains links to training materials, product documents, templates and guides for a smoother implementation. By being proactive and using the self-serve options, our clients can save time and costs during the implementation process.

      The cost of downtime

      You know what they say; time is money. No business wants to experience downtime when switching payroll providers, especially if it lasts for more than a few days. There’s no need to panic, because it’s possible to change payroll suppliers without any downtime.

      After you’ve migrated your data and your new solution has been configured to your requirements, the new supplier should be able to do a ‘parallel run’ testing. The new supplier will run your payroll at the same time as the exisiting supplier to ensure that everything is running as it should be and there’s no discrepancies in the data.

      If you’re are a SaaS customer, then you will be taking the lead in parallel - inputting the data into payroll yourself with the new supplier playing a supporting role. For managed/outsourced customers, you will be responsible for ensuring all the data is provided to the new supplier for input and for assisting them in identifying any differences during reconciliation. Once you and the new supplier are confident that the payroll is accurate, you can smoothly switch over without any downtime.

        The cost of training

        Training staff on a new system doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact, modern payroll solutions are intuitive and easy-to-use. A good payroll supplier will support your staff with training and provide them with access to resources and documentation so your payroll team can start using the new solution from day one.

        The right supplier will also provide on-going support whenever you need it. For example, following your first live payroll with SD Worx, the project team will arrange for your payroll system to be passed over to our dedicated support team. This is normally done ahead of your next live payroll and during this period. Afterwards the project team will continue to support you with any ongoing queries, you’ll gain a dedicated Account Manager and you’ll always have access to our customer helpdesk.

          The cost of innovation

          Although spending money on a payroll solution with future-focused technology may seem like a large direct cost, imagine how much you’d have to spend updating on-premise legacy payroll equipment and security infrastructure every year. When instead, you could opt for a cloud-based payroll solution that’s securely hosted by the supplier and includes continuous updates, so you know you’re always getting the best version of the solution with minimal effort and expense on your part.

            Can you put a price on payroll?

            When searching for a new supplier you should consider more than just the price. If you only choose a supplier because they have the lowest cost, then you may regret it further down the line when your payroll isn’t as efficient as it could be. A payroll supplier that offers a reliable and efficient payroll solution, outstanding customer service and innovative technology is worth a slightly higher price tag.

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