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Workforce management, your secret weapon in a crisis (and beyond)

Workforce management, your secret weapon in a crisis (and beyond)

The COVID-19 pandemic has flipped the working world upside down. And it’s no secret that some businesses are coping with the circumstances better than others. Is your organisation one of them?

While we certainly couldn’t have predicted the impact of coronavirus, with the right workforce management solutions in place, businesses can prevent further damage and keep operations running as smoothly as possible. Even better, a workforce management module that integrates with HR and payroll is your secret weapon, empowering you to improve efficiencies across the entire employee lifecycle from one place.

Here are some of the reasons why an integrated workforce management module can help your business through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond:

    Easily monitor absences

    In the last month HR teams have dealt with an influx of new absences, from confirmed coronavirus cases, suspected symptoms and furloughed workers. These new absences are on top of the usual reasons such as annual leave, maternity leave and illness.

    With so much going on, it’s common for absences to be reported incorrectly leading to inaccurate employee pay, such as an employee being paid statutory sick pay when they have been furloughed. By using a workforce management module, you can easily track the reasons for employee absences.

    There is no need to manually re-key information into different spreadsheets and by choosing a module that is integrated with payroll, you can automatically send this information to the payroll department which will significantly help when it comes to processing employee wages accurately and on time.

      Simple payroll processing

      Every business wants to make sure their employees are paid accurately and on time. A good workforce management module includes the configuration of calculation rules, meaning payroll processing follows almost automatically. The timetables from the working regulations are managed so that you don’t have to spend hours coding absences, ADV (reduced working hours), overtime, work paid extra and more.

        The power of the cloud

        The beauty of choosing a cloud-based workforce management module, as opposed to an on-premise system, is having 24/7 access from wherever you are. This has been a game changer for businesses who were forced to switch to home working during COVID-19. Cloud based solutions are secure and reliable, plus they process data in real-time so you can be sure everyone is working from the same version and there is minimal chance of duplication. 

          Effective scheduling

          Industries such as distribution, warehousing and manufacturing have seen a surge in their workload due to COVID-19. These organisations are on the frontline helping to provide vital items to the rest of the country. Employees of these industries typically have complicated work schedules, with dynamic shift patterns and overtime hours, which can be a nightmare for HR.

          Operations managers must have a clear view of all the shift patterns and absences to be able to keep operations running smoothly. By using a workforce management module, you can get a clear view of the workforce’s availability at any given time so you can plan more effectively.

            Less errors, more compliance

            In hectic times, compliance standards can slip. Organisations that use a workforce management module to automate processes can reduce the risk of human error from manually entering information and ensure legislation rules are met for 100% compliance from your entire workforce. Peace of mind restored!

              Reduce annoying admin tasks

              Every business has its own set of challenges to deal with during this time. But the uptake in admin, manual spreadsheets and paperwork is top of the list for many.
              A workforce management module reduces the amount of admin spent, it provides employees with the option to self-serve, freeing up more time for HR staff to work focus on strategic goals. Employees can even digitally apply for absences, which are dealt with by the direct line manager.

                Make smarter decisions

                The right data has the power to transform a business. By using a workforce management system integrated with HR and payroll, you gain access to a wealth of real-time data about your workforce. You can view financial KPIs and make smarter decisions based on patterns and trends, which can improve future business continuity plans. 

                  As you can see, a workforce management module could unlock the power of your business and save you significant time and money in the long run. Find out how easy it is to simplify your HR workflows.

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