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SAP HR Solutions

For larger organisations looking to get even more out of their employees, SD Worx offers access to SAP SuccessFactors’s HXM Suite. Putting people at the heart of the business, its cloud-based packages help you meet individual employee needs and tie these in with wider company objectives. 

As an SAP Gold Partner, we can help get you up and running with additional elements, enabling you to recruit, engage and develop your employees, to ensure you’re ready for the future. 

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SD Worx SAP SuccessFactors

Accelerate business growth with SAP SuccessFactors

+70,000 customers
Find and hire talent

Manage your entire recruitment process through a candidate-driven, mobile experience

Develop people

Take control over your employees’ learning and career development and monitor progress

Reward and recognition

View and manage employee compensation and encourage peer-to-peer recognition

Explore SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

SD Worx SAP SuccessFactors

Core HR

Employee Central provides visibility into your whole organisation, allowing managers to view direct reports and employees to find anyone in the business. You can record all types of absence, while employees can select and manage their benefits package, all through a mobile-friendly platform.

  • Visualise your entire organisation structure 
  • Total workforce management, including apprentices and global assignments
  • Allow employees to find colleagues and reporting relationships
  • Enable staff to review and select benefits
  • Record and manage holidays and absence 
  • Global platform with localised content
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    SD Worx SAP SuccessFactors


    It’s more important than ever that you’re able to find the right people. SAP SuccessFactors’ comprehensive global recruiting system helps with everything from marketing positions, managing applicants, engaging candidates and making the hire, all in a candidate-first and mobile-friendly experience.

    • Find hard-to-reach talent
    • Highlight soft skills and agility
    • Engage candidates
    • Mobile-friendly experience
    • Eliminate bias to build an inclusive workforce
    • Background and reference checks
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      SD Worx SAP SuccessFactors


      Getting the right onboarding experience is vital in developing engaged employees who want to go that bit further. SAP SuccessFactors helps you provide personalised experiences to new hires to make sure they’re all set up correctly, can connect with colleagues and any training needs are identified.

      • Personalised touchpoints for employees
      • Connect with new colleagues
      • Sign up to job and company training 
      • Evaluate milestones and goals
      • Includes pre-boarding, remote onboarding and crossboarding 
      • Offboard employees effectively 
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        SD Worx SAP SuccessFactors

        Performance & Goals

        The key to long-term employee engagement is to meet people’s needs and wider company goals. This ‘human experience management’ is at the centre of SAP SuccessFactors’ Performance and Goals, allowing you to listen to employees’ aspirations, provide them with the tools they need to succeed and monitor progress. 

        • Redefine employee experience
        • Listen to aspirations and set goals
        • Engage and motivate staff
        • Create a high-performing workforce
        • Encourage regular two-way communication
        • Address performance issues early
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          SD Worx SAP SuccessFactors


          A one-stop-shop for all your employee learning needs, helping you to ensure everyone has taken the necessary compliance training. Identify future training needs to develop individuals in line with their career goals and company needs, ensuring you develop the skills you need for tomorrow.

          • Ensure staff compliance training is completed
          • Make personalised learning suggestions for job-related training
          • Allow employees to set their own learning goals 
          • Encourage managers to engage in coaching and mentoring 
          • Cultivate leaders by analysing interactions with staff
          • Develop a culture of continuous learning to attract and retain talent
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            SD Worx SAP SuccessFactors

            Compensation Management

            Compare different employee packages and model the impact of potential decisions to ensure you’re allocating limited budgets in the most appropriate manner. Peer-to-peer recognition helps employees to recognise each other’s successes, making them feel valued and appreciated. 

            • Establish global compensation programmes
            • Assess the financial impact of potential decisions 
            • Link reward to specific behaviours
            • Compare compensation across employee groups
            • Photoless calibration removes unconscious bias
            • Drive engagement through peer-to-peer recognition
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              SD Worx SAP SuccessFactors

              Succession & Development

              Identify your most talented individuals, and what they need to be able to develop into future leaders. Engage these people by offering career development opportunities so you can retain them in the business, and ensure you have the talent you need for tomorrow. 

              • Identify critical roles and high-potential people
              • Perform a company-wide talent search
              • Highlight any talent gaps
              • Define career aspirations and pathways
              • Match mentors and mentees
              • Monitor employee performance over time
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                • Proven SAP expertise across Europe
                • Almost 20 years of partnership with SAP
                • Global vantage point in one platform
                • 850+ consultants across Europe
                • 600+ customers across all industry sectors


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