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SAP Time Solutions

For larger organisations looking to take workforce management to the next level, SD Worx offers access to SAP Time. This extensive range of solutions allows you to accurately record and monitor hours worked and rates applied, as well as to predict future scheduling needs based on historic data. 

As an SAP Gold Partner, we can help get you up and running with additional elements, enabling you to manage your staffing and scheduling needs effectively and reduce any inefficiencies. 

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SD Worx SAP Time

Plan your staffing requirements with SAP Time

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Record hours worked and rates, and allow staff to self-serve

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Schedule staff rotas effectively, based on customer needs

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SD Worx SAP Time

Time Tracking

Being able to accurately record the hours, and rates on which, your staff have worked so they are paid effectively is vital in ensuring you have engaged employees who will go the extra mile. The SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking solution allows employees to check and update their hours worked, and empowers managers to gain extra insight to help make better decisions.

  • Accurately record hours worked and rates of pay, including overtime
  • Allow employees to enter, check and change information 
  • Gain better visibility into working trends and identify potential savings
  • Set up rules around automatic approval of timesheets
  • Import planned working time data from third-party applications
  • Integrates with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central payroll
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    SD Worx SAP WFM Time

    Scheduling & Rostering

    To deliver consistently on customer expectations, organisations need to make sure they have the right people working at the right time. SAP’s Workforce Scheduling application not only helps with ensuring rosters are filled but also allows you to consider who is working and when. That means you can make sure your best employees are around when you need them most, and you can pair people together to help develop younger or less experienced staff.

    • Plan staff schedules and rosters based on customer needs 
    • Pair more junior or newer staff with more experienced employees
    • Identify peak times such as holidays or promotion periods
    • Empower managers and staff to collaborate around shifts 
    • Comply with local legislation around working practices 
    • Schedule across multiple locations or countries 
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      SD Worx SAP TIME


      SAP’s Forecasting software, delivered by Workforce Software, enables you to identify where and when you need labour and plan ahead in line with customer requirements. This means you can ensure optimum levels of staffing, match your employee schedules with business needs, accurately predict workforce costs, and ensure these are in line with financial budgets and legal requirements. 

      • Intelligently forecast workforce demand based on previous trends
      • Create business-aligned employee schedules
      • Match high-performers to peak periods or shifts
      • Identify areas of over or under-resourcing
      • Includes a business calendar to plan different types of week
      • Comply with legislation or union agreements around working hours
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        SD Worx SAP Time

        SAP Workforce Management

        SAP Workforce Management provides you with a comprehensive solution to scheduling, planning and managing your workforce. It allows you to allocate staff and shifts so you have the right people working when you need them, and predict future needs based on previous trends and customer demand. 

        You’ll be able to record vital details such as the number of hours worked and the rate for these, ensuring people are paid correctly and you comply with all relevant legislation. And you’ll be able to analyse information to help you run more efficiently. 

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