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Take the stress out of payday with our fully outsourced payroll services.
Pay your people accurately and on time.

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Molson Coors
Standard Life Aberdeen

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Unrivalled Expertise

Our dedicated payroll experts always use the latest legislations, regulations and industry insights to optimise your payroll on a continuous basis.

Payroll Outsourcing
Focus on your core business

Never again worry about faulty payslips, time-consuming HR tasks, IT integrations, and more... with our fully outsourced payroll services.

Dynamic mobile payslips
Empower your employees

Reduce payroll queries by up to 75% by empowering your employees with our self-service platform.

Complete peace of mind

Industry leading payroll expertise and accuracy using the latest data security. Paying your people on time, every time.

Molson Coors and SD Worx
I love working alongside SD Worx. We have a really good, strong partnership and their efficiency to payroll accuracy is the same as ours.
Melanie Salmon, HR Operations Manager, Molson Coors
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