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Latest SD Worx Covid-19 Customer Information

Latest SD Worx Covid-19 Customer Information

Dear Customer, 

The concerns and measures around the COVID-19 virus are increasing fast and are impacting a lot of people. At SD Worx, we remain available for you thanks to our digital people solutions. SD Worx had already activated its business continuity processes and is continuing to adapt its measures to the quickly shifting status and government actions to ensure the continuity of our services. 

A dedicated Corona Response Team has, in addition to our regular business continuity plans, established a specific Corona response plan that closely monitors the rapidly evolving situation to limit any hindrance to our business as usual and to ensure the continuity of our services to you as a customer. To this date, all our services are fully operational and unaffected.  

We would like to share with you some of the key activities we have undertaken in this unprecedented situation: 

  • After closely monitoring the situation developing across the world, we activated our Pandemic Response Team back in February. 
  • Our Pandemic response team is a multi-functional team with senior representation and has daily calls to plan, monitor, respond effectively as the situation develops. At SD Worx, we have a clear focus on protecting our people and our operations. 
  • Our Senior Leaders currently meet daily and we have implemented a communications framework which includes daily updates to our colleagues and updates on our SD Worx COVID page. 
  • SD Worx is committed to maintain our continuity of service and to limit any risks of disruptions to our services. To this end, we have initiated a number of Task Forces across our organisation to address the various challenges and implement the appropriate actions and strategies to maintain our operations, both internally and with our key partners and our key suppliers. 
  • We understand our business critical paths and business critical staff and have measures in place to ensure the continuity of operations is safeguarded. 
  • Our infrastructure has been designed to ensure that our business operations can quickly move to alternatives sites or locations when required. 
  • All of our staff have laptops and can work effectively from home or alternative locations. 
  • Our payroll solutions are accessible 24/7, 365 via the Internet. 
  • We have implemented a strategy that now sees the vast majority of our 4,000 plus staff working from home and we implemented various strategies and ways of working, not only to maintain our operations, but also to ensure the health and wellbeing of our colleagues. 
  • We constantly monitor and take account of the daily information and recommendations of the WHO and individual Government bodies and update and review our response plans accordingly. 

As part of our business continuity plan, we are ensuring that all our critical suppliers and International payroll partners are taking the necessary measures to ensure they remain fully operational. In addition to our regular third party management activities, we have evaluated the ability to maintain continuity of operations of all our critical suppliers and International payroll partners through their responses to a specific Pandemic readiness survey. We will continue to monitor the situation and closely follow up with our partners and suppliers as SD Worx is committed to limit any risks of disruptions to our services. Our Partner Pandemic readiness survey covered 4 key areas and a summary of the responses is given below: 

    Latest SD Worx Covid-19 Customer Information

    We trust that the above summary of our key actions will give you comfort that we as an organisation have implemented a robust pandemic plan, which is being reviewed daily, and appropriate actions are taken where needed. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your usual SD Worx contact or for current updates, please visit our SD Worx COVID page. 


    Kind regards, 


    SD Worx 

    27 March 2020