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Choose the right digital Workforce management solution, with help from the WOW Finder

The right workforce management solution benefits your company at every functional level. You should expect more transparency, flexibility, autonomy—all of which are essential for a great employee experience. However, these benefits probably only come as standard with some of the suppliers you consider. Choosing between them is one the most important ways to ensure your workforce management set-up is a success. So where do you start?


How To Write A Winning Business Case For Outsourced Payroll [Free business case template]

If you’re reading this, you’re already thinking about future-proofing your payroll by switching to a managed payroll service. You’re already aware of the strong commercial justifications for outsourcing your payroll with immediate and long-term benefits, but now you need to persuade senior stakeholders and decisions makers in your business too.

SD Worx

Download your RFP template

Is your organisation looking to change payroll providers, or thinking of starting a new payroll transformation project? Our handy RFP (Request For Proposal) template contains all the relevant questions you need to ask, to help your team analyse and compare providers.


Statutory Maternity Pay Dates Calculator

Use our SMP dates calculator to clarify your statutory maternity pay entitlements.


SD Worx Payroll Maturity Calculator

Take our five minutes test to see your team's Payroll Maturity Profile, are they a Payroll Boss or a Rising Star team? Or somewhere in between?


Unlock your potential with SD Worx Workforce Management Software

Ready to explore your savings potential? Try out our ROI Calculator now and pave the way for a more streamlined, cost-effective future.

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