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Elevate productivity by integrating workforce management with payroll

In recent years, businesses have had to keep pace with changes in momentum. They have been forced to mobilise a remote workforce, sometimes operating across numerous locations. As the pressure to adapt increases and businesses respond to fluctuating demands, having oversight of an entire workforce is more necessary now than ever before.  

Every business needs systems and processes to manage its workforce, but this is often spread across multiple spreadsheets or clunky and out of date technologies. From employee attendance to performance and payroll, any business leader will be aware of the need to keep workforce data correctly and securely, but many existing processes may be manual, inefficient and prone to human error. It’s not always easy to join the dots together to extract the data needed to inform smart decisions.  

Here we look at how an integrated workforce management solution can offer many benefits, helping businesses to manage employee data safely and accurately, while supporting productivity.

    Understanding the workforce

    Tracking employee time, attendance and output is essential for any business. However doing this manually across different systems can be incredibly time consuming and lead to inaccuracies and inconsistent data. Add different HR and payroll systems into the mix, and the ability to produce useful insights on the workforce becomes a challenge. An integrated workforce management solution links employee output, time keeping and attendance with payroll and HR, providing intelligence on the complete employee life cycle.

      The benefits of an integrated workforce management solution

      Effective workforce management has undisputable benefits across industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, retail and food sectors, where staffing schedules are complex. Yet it is not limited to these sectors. By implementing a smart workforce management solution that is integrated with payroll, any business in any sector or industry can enjoy substantial benefits.

        Remote access 24/7

        Due to the uncertainties and unpredictability across the world in recent times, most businesses have had to become more agile. As a result, many have migrated to the cloud to support remote operations. A fully cloud-based workforce management solution enables 24/7 access to workforce information. This means business leaders can be sure they have the data they need to manage the workforce from anywhere, even in uncertain times. And a workforce management solution with a mobile application means employees can access their own information remotely. 

          Save time, increase efficiency, reduce errors

          No one’s perfect and anyone can make a mistake, particularly if they are carrying out repetitive tasks. But no business wants to make errors when it comes to payroll or dealing with sensitive employee data. Introducing automated workflows and processes via a workforce management solution reduces the risk of human error, increases accuracy, and provides greater confidence around compliance.  

          Integrating employee hours with HR, performance and payroll will also cut administration and provide a seamless flow of information. Having this system in place dramatically reduces the need for payroll and HR teams to perform manual tasks such as data input and cross-checking, saving time and increasing efficiency.

            Improve workforce planning and strategy delivery

             Any business plan usually serves to support growth and effective operations throughout the year. Gaining data on workforce performance, productivity and payroll expenditure provides valuable insights to support business planning and strategy delivery. With these insights, leaders can also proactively plan staffing for peak or low periods – a particularly useful tool to have during labour shortfalls.

              Support employee engagement

              It’s not just the business and HR leaders that benefit from a workforce management solution. An integrated workforce management solution can help to support employee engagement, giving the workforce access to an instant overview of their hours worked, absences, pay and benefits, accessible from anywhere at any time. Your payroll and HR team members will thank you too, as a single integrated system will reduce the amount of time they have to spend on admin tasks and cross-referencing data.

                In summary

                The benefits of implementing an integrated workforce management system will be seen in all areas of your business, not just in payroll and HR. Improve efficiencies, streamline workflows and impress business leaders and employees with a tool that makes everyone’s live easier and work more accurate. A fully integrated workforce management solution that’s connected to payroll and HR is the future.

                About Protime from SD Worx

                An integrated workforce management system is suitable for all types of business. It provides security, reliability, and is flexible and configurable. It also supports compliance. By automating processes and workflows it can substantially create efficiencies, improve accuracy and reduce admin heavy tasks in both HR and payroll.

                From planning and scheduling, to managing absences and annual leave requests, and processing accurate payroll, our workforce management solution Protime connects harmoniously with your HR and payroll solutions. It gives you a complete picture of your workforce, as well as rich data for strategic insights.

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