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Protime Workforce Management

Live demo

Managing the workforce is a tricky balancing act of trying to satisfy the demands of customers and staff. With skill gaps and the rise of flexible work, it can feel like the challenges are piling up for pay and HR specialists.

SD Worx Workforce Management

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Here’s what you can expect:

Watch as our experts give a guided tour of Protime, the integrated workforce management cloud solution from SD Worx.

  • A guided interactive tour, from the experts, of the Protime cloud-based workforce management solution from SD Worx. An overview of the benefits of having one single source of data when integrating workforce management and payroll. Demonstrations of the tool from both employee and manager’s perspective. Insight into how flexible working patterns are easily handled with this solution
  • Ellen Baarslag – Protime workforce management specialist
  • Craig Townsend – Enterprise workforce management expert from SD Worx

All HR professionals within the mid-market or enterprise sectors.

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