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SD Worx Time Solutions

Get a single view of time and attendance, plan workforce schedules and projects, and enhance security and compliance with our access control system.

Our software combines an excellent user experience, flexible processes built around your business, easy self-service for your staff, smooth integration with your existing systems and much more. It also offers seamless integration with SD Worx Payroll and HR services, freeing up more time for you.

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Workforce management

Accurate information and vital insights

Flexible around you

Monitor hours worked and absence levels

Efficiency gains

Effectively plan projects and staff schedules

+150 countries covered
Access control

Enhance security for employees and visitors

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Workforce management

Time and Attendance

An accurate time and attendance system is crucial for successful processing of payroll. Fewer errors mean happier and more engaged employees, as well as freeing up time for HR and payroll teams. You can also analyse information around hours worked and absence levels, and put in place more cost-effective solutions if needed. 

  • Accurately collate data on hours worked and absence 
  • Less manual work means fewer errors 
  • Greater efficiency for your staff
  • Attendance tracking software ensures accuracy 
  • Staff can book in and out on any device 
  • Reliable insights help managers make informed decisions 
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    Workforce management

    Workforce Planning

    Workforce planning software allows you to assign tasks to the right people. This means your business can gain efficiency, guarantee higher service levels and prepare for workload fluctuations. You’ll also have access to information that can allow you to better forecast future requirements, and will benefit from reduced errors as a result of fewer manual processes. 

    • Gain visibility of your team’s costs and workloads 
    • Real-time, self-service access on any device
    • Cloud-based, secure and available 24/7
    • Eliminate manual processes
    • Reduce pressure on HR and managerial teams 
    • Respond quicker to unforeseen events 
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      Workforce management

      Task and Activity Management

      By registering exactly how much time is spent on each task for each customer, you get a clear overview of workforce capacity and where your employees’ time is being used. This means you can make sure you’re servicing clients correctly and identify any potential efficiency or performance issues. 

      • Gain a clear overview of individual tasks
      • Automated reporting 
      • Ensure accurate overtime calculations
      • Seamless integration with HR, payroll and financial software
      • Use insights on hours worked and costs to make better decisions
      • Identify any inefficiencies or performance issues 
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        Workforce Scheduling

        Make the planning and administration of your workforce easier and more accurate. Our workforce scheduling software allows you to schedule the right people at the right time, and to improve your planning using turnover, occupancy and other metrics to make informed decisions.

        • Allocate the right people to client projects
        • Visibility into attribution of labour costs
        • Identify gaps and opportunities
        • More accurate planning reduces inefficiencies
        • Use information to make more strategic decisions
        • Free up time for HR teams 
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          Workforce management

          Access Control

          An effective access control system is vital in ensuring you know who is on-site at any one time, from both a security perspective and in the event of an emergency evacuation. Our software allows you to keep track of employees, suppliers and visitors to give you and your staff peace of mind.

          • Increased security and compliance on all your access points
          • Central access management and reporting
          • Full control over who enters premises
          • Reduce costs of dedicated monitoring personnel 
          • Eliminate manual sign-in processes
          • Tangible reassurance for staff and other visitors 
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            Why SD Worx Time?


            Get a single view of time and attendance, workforce scheduling and access control with the option to seamlessly integrate with SD Worx Payroll and HR services.

            • Future-proof, flexible and customisable WFM software
            • Save costs through a more efficient time & attendance system
            • Cloud-based and internationally scalable WFM solution


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            It’s our goal to make managers more autonomous and allow them to manage their team without intervention from Payroll or HR. Visibility of the staff you manage is very important, and a digital solution has really helped that.
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            Workforce management

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