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Automated onboarding software

More than a third of new hires leave their companies before the end of their first year of employment. Our automated onboarding software combats the struggle of retaining top talent. A positive onboarding experience is the first step towards gaining the confidence of your new recruits and opening the door to a rewarding career.

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Automated onboarding software

Harness the power of automated onboarding

Powerful payroll reportsCentralised data

Gather personal information, contract, job details, data covering salary, working patterns, benefits, dependents, emergency information and much more.

+70,000 customersEmpower new starters

Employee self-service module and new starter access to the system to enter personal details before the start date.

Unrivalled commitmentConsistent experience

Embedded workflows for the onboarding processes, setting up new user and payroll accounts, adding new recruits to the organisational chart, scheduling training and much more.

covering + 90 countriesReduced workload

Automated alerts for delays and discrepancies in the onboarding workflows.

International payroll by SD WorxEfficient process

Converting your onboarding checklist into workflow to attribute the right tasks to the right people at the right time.

Harness the power of automated onboarding

It's important to ensure that your new starters feel at ease within your organisation from day one. The two considerations of onboarding are:

  • The administrative process
  • The integration process of the new starters

An automated onboarding process using onboarding software helps to avoid errors, delays, confusions and compliance issues. Our onboarding software speeds up the process, reducing HR’s workload and motivating your new hires to have faith in the capabilities of your organisation.

    A prerequisite stage of the HR lifecycle

    A focused and well-planned employee onboarding process is crucial to support your new hires to:

    • Dive into their new roles and get familiar with your organisation
    • Have a clear view of their work-oriented goals and expectations
    • Acquire the tools and information they need to become an engaged, efficient and productive team member
    • Build solid, trustworthy relationships with their colleagues

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      Efficient HR Software by SD Worx

      Thanks to an intuitive self-service, a consumer grade user interface and access from any device at any time, managing HR has never been easier and more satisfying for employees and managers.

      We're dedicated to helping your HR heroes eradicate data duplication, paperwork and manual admin, maintaining compliance with increasingly complex and changing legislation, so they can focus on strategic tasks and free up time to service their employees, improving engagement.

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