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SD Worx HR Solutions

Our comprehensive range of HR solutions means you can run your employee operations more effectively, eliminating errors and providing you with the information you need to make more strategic decisions. And because it’s all cloud-based, you won't need to worry about complicated IT projects or in-house software going out of date.

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SD Worx HR

Streamline your processes with intelligent HR software

covering + 90 countries
Data-driven HR

Manage all your employee data and generate reports to help make decisions

Outsourced payroll services
Control and compliance

Meet all legal and HRMC reporting requirements effortlessly

Dynamic mobile payslips
Empower employees

View and manage employee compensation and encourage peer-to-peer recognition

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SD Worx HR

Preboarding & Onboarding

A positive onboarding experience is vital in retaining talent. Our automated system allows employees to enter their personal details before they start, and you to enter information about working patterns, benefits and training. The software generates automated alerts for any discrepancies.

  • Empower new starters
  • Record working patterns and benefits
  • Schedule training 
  • Automated alerts for delays and discrepancies
  • Allocate outstanding tasks to people 
  • Reduced workload for HR
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    SD Worx HR

    Holidays & Absence Management

    Our holiday and absence management software allows employees to check their leave allowance, access leave calendars for colleagues and submit requests. Managers can quickly check and validate or decline requests, automatically updating leave balances and payroll software.

    • Allow employees to submit requests
    • Access to colleague calendars to plan holidays
    • Validate and accept holiday 
    • Updated leave balances
    • Integrates with payroll software
    • Reduced workload for HR
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      Expense Management

      Still relying on manual processes and paper receipts for your expenses? Our cloud-based solution automates the entire process, allowing employees to capture receipts electronically and submit accurate expense claims on the go. And you can see just what you’re spending and where you can cut back.

      • Capture expenses as they happen
      • Eliminate paper receipts
      • Analyse expense spend 
      • Comply with HMRC and other policies
      • Integrates with payroll, accounting and ERP systems
      • Cloud-based and mobile-friendly system
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        SD Worx HR

        HR Analytics

        Understanding your staffing habits can allow you to operate more efficiently, such as avoiding unnecessary shifts or overtime, or identifying risks to the business. Our HR analytics software gives you the information you need to build reports and make more strategic decisions.

        • Access and build reports
        • Single, centralised system
        • Data from across HR and payroll systems
        • Includes analytics dashboards to spot trends
        • Make more informed decisions
        • No need for specialised IT or data knowledge
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          performance management perfect match

          Talent Management

          Our talent management platform provides a single place to co-ordinate all employee development, helping them to thrive and making them more likely to stay in their jobs. Powered by huapii, it allows employees to take control of their career development, while helping you match skills gaps with staff aspirations.

          • Help employees reach their potential
          • 360° feedback on employee performance
          • Career development plans
          • Match employee aspirations with skills gap
          • Build employee loyalty and retention
          • Futureproof your business
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            Why SD Worx HR?


            • Intelligent HR - A centralised HR system to store, manage and maintain all your employee data in a secure way
            • Powerful Analytics - A rich suite of standard and bespoke reports, dashboards and predictive insights to present your data and delight your colleagues
            • Impressive Integrations - Seamlessly integrate with payroll, workforce management, talent, recruitment and ERP solutions


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            SD Worx

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            Before we started using SD Worx HR, I would submit a holiday request by paper. It took so long to get approved. Now I submit a form electronically quickly which is approved in minutes.
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            Store Employee, Marks & Spencer
            SD Worx HR

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