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Reliable HR data management

Reliable HR data management

Utilising big data from HR and Payroll gives your organisation a competitive edge. Store all your employees’ data in one secure, manageable HR database, which is easily accessible for HR teams while conforming to GDPR rules. Unleash your team from the repetitiveness of manual entry and minimise the risk of human error with our HR data management software.

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Reliable HR data management

Capturing the employee lifecycle

Understanding employee data from HR and payroll helps an organisation to make clearer, more informed strategic decisions. However, many organisations struggle to store employee data in a centralised way, often relying on multiple systems and manually entering data.

When a HR database is centralised and structured in a way that aligns with your company’s HR needs, your team can leverage these insights to improve decision-making, optimise costs and enhance productivity. Additionally, a centralised HR database helps ensure that your people deliver true added value to the business, which has a huge impact on employee engagement and well-being.

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    A centralised HR database

    4,4 million global payslipsAnalytics

    Combining HR software solutions, expertise and data-driven insights in HR reporting and people analytics

    Efficient Payroll Software by SD WorxPowerful connections

    Seamless integration into the cloud of your existing tools and systems, for high efficiency and low risk of errors

    An end-to-end solution – eliminate multiple solution providers and the complexity that comes with it.One answer

    An end-to-end solution – eliminate multiple solution providers and the complexity that comes with it

    Outsourced payroll servicesClear view

    Monitor, manage and register data to acquire a proper understanding of workloads, absences, costs and more

    Efficient HR Software by SD Worx

    Thanks to an intuitive self-service, a consumer grade user interface and access from any device at any time, managing HR has never been easier and more satisfying for employees and managers.

    We're dedicated to helping your HR heroes eradicate data duplication, paperwork and manual admin, maintaining compliance with increasingly complex and changing legislation, so they can focus on strategic tasks and free up time to service their employees, improving engagement.

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      What are the benefits of HR data management?

      HR data management can benefit your business in a number of ways. This includes:

      • Helping your business run more efficiently
      • Reducing costs
      • Improving accuracy and reducing the risk of costly HR errors
      • Improving regulatory compliance
      • Improving employee engagement

        What can I expect from HR data management?

        HR data management encompasses many different functions, but overall, it is designed to make the process of storing employee data easier for businesses. The features your HR data management system comes with will depend on your HR software provider.

          Is a data management system secure?

          Yes, most data management systems are secure, but here at SD Worx, we go the extra mile to ensure your data is safe.

          Our HR data management system includes features such as access-restricted cloud storage, data-encryption, ISO 27001 certification and physical and logistical security controls. We also have a dedicated risk and security team that will ensure your sensitive data is safe at all times.

            Is HR data management software GDPR compliant?

            The right HR data management software will help your business to remain GDPR compliant.

            GDPR refers to any organisation that handles personal data. With the help of SD Worx HR data management software, your company's sensitive data will be securely stored and processed so that your business complies with GDPR regulations.

              How much does HR data management software cost?

              HR data management software costs can vary depending on the size of your organisation, as well as it's organisational structure. HR data management costs can also vary between software providers, it's all about choosing the option the meets your needs. Get in touch to see how our software can help you.

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