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Expert Outsourced Payroll Services​

Seamless payroll management from SD Worx. Our outsourced payroll service ensures accuracy, compliance, and efficiency. Trust in our 99.93% payroll accuracy for on-time payments, every time.​

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Payroll and Workforce Management solutions

Outsourced payroll that ticks every box

AwardProven ROI

Reduce payroll complexity and your total cost of ownership (TCO)

Dynamic mobile payslipsSelf-service

Our interactive payslips remove up to 75% of employee queries

Outsourced payroll servicesPeace of mind

ISO 27001 certification means your payroll is secure and compliant

SD Worx Core HRPowerful connections

Seamless integration with existing HCM/ERP systems

docActionable insights

Analytics and benchmarking to guide your business strategy

SD Worx StaffingGenuine support

You can always rely on a fast, helpful response from us

A managed payroll partner you can trust

SD Worx has been running outsourced payroll for some of the UK's best-loved brands for over 75 years. We provide reliable, tailored solutions to take the stress out of payday. Whether you're new to payroll outsourcing or re-evaluating your options, our dedicated team is here to support you. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your payroll is handled by experts committed to accuracy, compliance, and efficiency.​

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    Why choose SD Worx

    Trusted professionals

    • We employ 8,000+ HR & Payroll professionals
    • We look after up to 40+ different industries
    • Trusted by FTSE 100 companies


      • Over 75 years of experience
      • We serve 5.7 million+ employees every month
      • We serve a client base of over 90,000

        Cutting edge technology

        • Secure and reliable cloud-based technology
        • ISO27001 accredited & ISAE3000 Type 1 certified
        • ISAE3402 SOC 1 Type 2 compliance certified

          Over 82,000 companies are working with SD Worx worldwide

          We’ve been working with SD Worx’s managed payroll service for a number of years. They are a reliable and trusted partner who are serious about delivering to a high standard. For us, the best thing is peace of mind that our payroll will be sorted every month.
          Peter Reid, Head of HR, Tinopolis

          Getting started with SD Worx Payroll

          STEP 1: Launch & discovery

          An opportunity for us to build an understanding of your current processes and a practical knowledge of your existing technology.

            STEP 2: Set up & testing

            We’ll configure the new system to your specific needs, and run parallel pay runs before going live.

            This will include an opportunity to review the interface and offer feedback.

              STEP 3: Go live

              Once live, there will be a period of ‘hyper care’ where support will be on hand, at a moment’s notice, should you have any questions.

                The benefits of payroll outsourcing

                Here are some of the main advantages of outsourcing payroll to an external partner...

                • Payroll accuracy
                • Improved reporting
                • Continuity and resilience
                • Flexibility
                • Enhanced payroll expertise
                  Find out more about the pros and cons of outsourcing

                  What does payroll outsourcing cost?

                  If you’re thinking of moving your payroll responsibilities away from your in-house staff and to an external provider, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is how outsourcing payroll costs will stack-up against your current outlay. If managed payroll is not what you need or you're looking for a new payroll software, you can check out our best-in-class, cloud-based payroll SaaS solution. Here are some of the key reasons that payroll outsourcing prices will work out to be lower than using your own internal resources…

                  • Fixed payroll outsourcing costs
                  • Payroll technology savings
                  • Outsourcing payroll to avoid potential penalties
                  • Security and data compliance
                  • Staff training, troubleshooting, recruitment, etc.

                  Discover how our outsourced payroll solutions can transform your Payroll and HR operations

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                    FAQs | Payroll Outsourcing

                    Benefits of payroll outsourcing include reduced administrative burden, cost savings, increased accuracy and compliance, access to expert advice, and improved data security. Outsourcing allows businesses to focus on core operations and strategic growth while ensuring payroll is handled efficiently and compliantly.

                    With SD Worx, you can expect comprehensive support and reporting, including dedicated account management, tailored reports, and access to an online portal for employee self-service, giving you real-time insights into your payroll data.

                    A managed payroll service includes end-to-end payroll processing, regulatory compliance, tax filing, employee payments, reporting, and access to expert advice, ensuring a seamless and stress-free payroll experience.

                    Outsourcing payroll can be more cost-effective by eliminating the need for in-house payroll staff, reducing errors, and avoiding costly compliance penalties.

                    To choose the right managed payroll provider, consider factors like experience, technology, customer service, scalability, and industry expertise. Look for a provider that meets your unique business needs and offers personalised support.

                    SD Worx ensures accuracy and compliance through advanced technology, rigorous quality control, and a team of dedicated payroll experts, staying up-to-date with the latest legislation and industry best practices.

                    SD Worx

                    Let us help

                    When you manage your payroll in-house it can be easy to make mistakes, which means costly penalties for your business. As outsourced payroll specialists, we can help you to avoid data entry errors and ensure that your business remains compliant with the latest UK payroll legislation so you can focus on what really matters.

                    We take care of all your payroll administration including payslips, P45s, Online P60s, Tax Year-End management reports, data to 3rd party systems and electronic exchange to the HMRC.

                    Learn more about our best-of-breed Managed Payroll solution

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                      Useful resources on moving to managed payroll

                      SD Worx

                      Everything you need to know about moving to Managed Payroll

                      Tuesday 27 June 2023

                      Misconceptions around payroll outsourcing could be holding back your business. Our customers find that moving to a managed payroll service pays them back dividends, driving productivity, increasing ROI and giving payroll teams the opportunity to focus on strategic rather than tactical initiatives. That's just the start, there are several other benefits that make outsourced payroll so compelling. 

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                      How To Write A Winning Business Case For Outsourced Payroll [Free business case template]

                      Wednesday 19 May 2021

                      If you’re reading this, you’re already thinking about future-proofing your payroll by switching to a managed payroll service. You’re already aware of the strong commercial justifications for outsourcing your payroll with immediate and long-term benefits, but now you need to persuade senior stakeholders and decisions makers in your business too.

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                      Payroll Outsourcing: Work smarter, not harder:

                      Payroll outsourcing | Work smarter, not harder

                      Thursday 3 March 2022

                      Outsourcing payroll is very much on the rise. It is now in the top 3 most desired outsourcing projects with 4 in every 10 HR leaders saying they want to introduce this in their own organisation. These key trends were taken from our latest Future of Work & People report when we researched the challenges and priorities of almost 3,000 senior HR leaders across Europe.

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                      Why integration can be make or break for outsourced payroll

                      Monday 8 February 2021

                      As companies continue to develop their digital infrastructure, there is a clear imperative for separate systems to be able to talk to each other – including payroll.

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                      Why outsourcing takes the risk out of payroll

                      Monday 8 February 2021

                      People choose to work for businesses for a whole host of reasons – it might be the company’s values, career development opportunities, or perhaps personal bonds with colleagues. But whatever it might be, this will quickly be forgotten if people experience problems with their pay.

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                      Payroll Outsourcing – Payroll Implementation Process

                      Friday 2 July 2021

                      It’s fair to say that the transition can be a little daunting in itself, without worrying about something going wrong. Before you hand over your payroll responsibilities to an outsourced provider, here’s a quick guide to getting it right.

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