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Performance management software to drive competencies


Many organisations are reinventing their performance management processes to focus more on employee guidance and development. A successful performance management strategy drives ongoing performance improvement, higher engagement and, ultimately, bigger business impact. Our performance management software is perfectly equipped to help you make the transition.

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Manage promising talent within your organisation

In order to maintain a competitive edge, it's important for organisations to continuously develop and improve their processes. For this to happen, it's crucial to manage employee performance and create a culture of growth and loyalty.

Performance management software provides a solution to the problem of formally tracking and monitoring employee performance, without making employees feel like they are under surveillance.

Powerful performance management software enables managers to align employee tasks with strategic goals and employee ambitions. It enhances performance management by providing employees with continuous, meaningful feedback and coaching.

Even more, our performance management software enables you to understand the aspirations and competencies of employees, helping them invest in their roles and careers and make positive impacts on team and company results.

Our talent management suite, including performance management tools, is tailored to your company’s processes and needs to easily and objectively recognise top-performing talent and fill internal skill gaps.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Drive ongoing employee development and engagement through the continuous, collaborative assessment of goals and competencies.
  • Flexibly adapt performance review processes to your specific performance cultures, including annual reviews, 360° appraisal, peer feedback and more. 
  • Ensure that performance reviews contribute real value to employee development.
  • Align business objectives with employee goals.
  • Analyse skill gaps to anticipate future workforce moves.

What we offer

  • Future-focussed software solutions that enable goal management, coaching and performance reviews.
  • Full integration with talent management software within SD Worx’s people solution suites.
  • Optimised data security and full compliance with GDPR.

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