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Workforce Management

Streamline your rostering, scheduling and payment process.

With strong capabilities in the retail, hospitality, leisure and construction industries, we know the pressures businesses are under when it comes to rostering the workforce efficiently and seeing this through to accurate payments. Our workforce management software can help you boost revenue through a more streamlined rostering, scheduling and payroll process.

Implementing SD Worx’s Workforce Management solution saved us £350,000 in the first year.

Finance Director, Fashion retailer


Easily allocate available employees to work for a given time period.

A roster is automatically built for the manager, utilising employee working patterns with holidays and absences automatically applied. This gives managers a starting point from which they can then adjust to suit their exact requirements.

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Make staff scheduling easy

The schedule is automatically built for the manager with available employees, utilising their working patterns as a best fit with any holidays and absences automatically applied. The manager is notified of any schedule gaps caused by holidays, absences or increased workload demand, so that the appropriate action can be taken.

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Time Recording

Implement time recording to improve efficiency.

We can supply and implement a wide range of time recording devices in your workplace, like clocking-in machines. If your business has a large number of sites, where the cost of time recording devices could be high, your employees can also use our browser based clocking feature.

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Enhance your data accuracy in accordance with your business rules.

As a key control document for the payment of employees with variable and flexible working hours, our timesheets feature reduces the risk of error and time spent re-checking, and greatly enhances data accuracy in accordance with your business rules.

To save manager time, timesheets can be pre-populated with the actual hours worked captured from the time recording device and the roster, so that they only have to deal with exceptions.

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Absence management

Self-service holiday booking for all employees.

In many industries the range and complexity of temporary and permanent employee contracts causes many difficulties in the tracking and correct payment of holidays and absences.

Our absence management feature allows employees or their managers to book and track holidays and absences. The bookings are carried forward into the roster and individual timesheets so that your organisations’ payment rules can be applied and accurate payments made by payroll without manual intervention.

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Benefits of workforce management

  • Our experience shows you can expect to save upwards of 2% of labour costs every year. This can increase with our scheduling functionality.
  • Improve customer service and revenues – get the right people in the right place at the right time within the working day.
  • Remove manual paper based processes and reduce wasted management time.
  • Ensure full compliance and consistency of your organisation’s business rules across locations. This will improve payroll accuracy and therefore reduce cost.
  • Enforce compliance with the Working Time Regulations.
  • Our timesheets feature is integrated with our payroll, which reduces the number of payroll queries and errors.
  • We can help you identify and design tax efficient ways of managing your workforce, through NI efficient schemes and salary sacrifice.

Workforce management technology

  • We maintain the underlying cloud technology so you have no in-house IT installation or maintenance to manage.
  • Data stored securely and backed up with disaster recovery plans in place.
  • Highly scalable – designed for operation with hundreds or thousands of users.
  • Optimised for all web browsers and tablet devices.
  • Fully integrated with our HR and payroll software and payroll outsourcing service.
  • Our technology platform was designed with security as its foundation and with availability, resilience, scalability and performance as its corner stones.