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Future proof and intelligent expense management

For employees, submitting expenses shouldn’t be a chore that gets pushed back on the to-do list, it should be easy and quick. 

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Expenses should be automated

With the recent changes in work and more people working away from the office, some businesses have witnessed a higher volume of expenses claims to set employees up to work from home effectively. These unplanned expenses should be easily logged, approved and reimbursed quickly, ensuring no-one is left out of pocket.

And for payroll and finance teams, expenses should be automated, to allow teams to efficiently review, process and audit expense claims. Not only that, accuracy and staying 100% compliant are also essential to maintain tight financial control and to keep on top of policy regulations in line with HMRC.

At SD Worx, we are confident we have the best expense management solution to offer. We’re inviting you to join our on-demand webinar to find out more.

What's included?

In this session, we are highlighting the key benefits our solution can offer your organisation, for your payroll and finance teams, and for all your employees, focusing on:

  • How a user-friendly solution can make submitting expenses easy and quick
  • How to prevent fraudulent claims with innovative OCR technology
  • How to increase efficiency through automation
  • How integrating to your ERP, payroll or accounting system makes it easy to reimburse expenses
  • How cost mapping and audit trails help you gain financial insight and control
  • How to ensure 100% compliance with your corporate expense policies 

Who should watch?

For HR, Payroll and Finance professionals working in the private sector, looking after mid-market and enterprise organisations. 

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