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Insights for a resilient HR strategy in 2021

Our new research reveals that nearly half of European companies believe that COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on their businesses, and that we will have to radically change the way they work.


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The research found that UK companies value wellbeing by a large margin; only payroll scores higher. In line with that observation, diversity and inclusion are top priorities. Surprisingly, wage costs have fallen to the bottom of the list since the pandemic started. 

Join Fiona McKee, HR Director at SD Worx, Simon Parsons, Director of UK Compliance Strategies at SD Worx and Lou Gray, Head of Transitions & Operations at EY Absolute – we’ll to delve into the findings of the research in greater detail, and explore how you can use these insights to develop a more resilient HR strategy for 2021.  

Below are some of the key issues arising from the research and the focal points of this webinar: 

  • Should digital transformation and automation be put on hold amid the crisis? 
  • How HR can deliver personalised employee experiences
  • How HR leaders can increase digital maturity
  • Why Payroll is the top priority for HR leaders in the UK
  • Why and how we should adapt to flexible working practices post-COVID-19 

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