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The PayBack Foundation: how far we've come (Part 2/2)


Following on from part 1 of my blog, part 2 highlights the 3 top tips in getting employees engaged and involved with a company charity.

Charity is a very personal thing, and when times are tough, the first thing to be cut is often charitable giving; which is why I'm always overwhelmed by the generosity of my colleagues when it comes to raising money for our beloved charity,The PayBack Foundation.

At the beginning of the year we set ourselves a target to reach a total fundraising total of €500,000 by the SD Worx 50th Birthday on 2 August 2015, meaning we needed to raise €42,000 in the first 7 months of this year. This was a huge target, especially as we had a record breaking year in 2014, with over €60,000 being donated!

I must admit that I was slightly apprehensive about our ability to raise such a large amount of money, especially as the majority of our funding comes from the same network of colleagues and their families, but there was no need for me to have doubted their capabilities, not only did we reach the target 5 weeks early, but we set ourselves a new target of €50,5050 within the same timeframe!

I'm immensely proud of PayBack's achievements; colleagues never cease to amaze me in their determination to help others, so far this year we've been able to support 49 families with grant applications (and we're on track to surpass the record amount of grants approved in 1 year, which was set at 79 in 2014).

So what's the secret to motivating colleagues into digging deep and getting behind a company charity?

I believe there are 3 elements that need to be present:

  1. Believe in the cause - people must buy-in to the charity's mission and purpose. Colleagues at SD Worx truly believe in The PayBack Foundation, because they see exactly where their donations go, and the difference their contributions make (every penny raised goes directly to the children, any admin fees due are paid for by SD Worx)
  2. Lead from the top - the charity must be "seen" to be important. Everyone can make up their mind on what is a good cause for them to contribute to; there are many great charities out there, so why should they choose to support yours? The Senior Leadership Team at SD Worx are actively involved in PayBack, many of the team have participated in various fundraising activities, most recent being the Tough Mudder challenges!
  3. Keep it front and centre € make it fun to be part of! We couldn't have raised the amount we did without getting new people actively involved in PayBack. It's important that we appeal to as many different colleagues as possible with our fundraising events, so we make sure we mix it up with cake bakes, quizzes, bingo, as well as the big money raisers like crazy endurance tests and, new for this year, a 12 hour non-stop boogie for PayBack! We make sure we do loads of communications about the events, call out key individuals and highlight the children they are helping € all of this makes it feel like one big fun club, and who wouldn't want to be involved in that!

If you would like to find out more about PayBack, or make a donation, click here.

Stay up to date with our charity's latest news, follow PayBack Twitter.

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