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Your Payroll Isn’t Good Enough: Why payroll maturity matters

Has your Payroll operation been ‘wow’, ‘meh’ or ‘yikes’ over the last few months? Has it remained a beacon of stability, or has it succumbed to the pressures of the pandemic? Whatever your answer, the root cause is often the maturity of your payroll operation.

Your Payroll Isnt Good Enough

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As we emerge from Covid-19, one of the most economic and socially disrupting periods of our lifetime, it's critical for businesses to scrutinise and challenge their payroll operations.

This is where the degree of your payroll maturity matters: it impacts your whole organisation, from operational efficiency and exposure to risk, to employee experience.

What's included? 

In partnership with HR Grapevine, we hosted a webinar where Payroll Gurus, Will Smith and Chris Cullen discussed why payroll maturity matters.

They explored the following areas and provided guidance on:

  • How you can develop a high-performing payroll team
  • How to assess your payroll processes for optimum performance
  • Tips to ensure compliance and accuracy, every time
  • The value of harnessing data through reporting and analysis
  • Tips to ensure operational resilience and business continuity

Daniel Cave, Head of Content at HR Grapevine also moderated the session. 

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