Pensions Automatic Re-enrolment

October 2015 marked three years since the introduction of Pensions Automatic Enrolment and the focus of employers and their re-enrolment duties

Re-enrolment is the process by which, on the third anniversary of your staging date, employers have a duty to re-enrol workers who are not a member of a pension scheme (those who have chosen to opt in our or ceased membership) back into pensions saving.

Pensions automatic re-enrolment overview

To ensure compliance there are a number of steps that the employer must undertake with automatic re-enrolment:

  • Choose the re-enrolment date
  • Determine the pension scheme to be used
  • Analyse the workers to be assessed
  • Undertake re-enrolment
  • Re-declaration of compliance
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What do I need to know?

By default, the re-enrolment date will be set to the third anniversary of your staging date. Employers can choose a re-enrolment date within a six month window which starts three months before the third anniversary of staging and ends within three months.

For Example:

Staging Date Default re-enrolment date Earliest re-enrolment date Latest re-enrolment date
1st April 2016 1st April 2019 1st January 2019 30th June 2019

In the pay reference period in which your enrolment date falls, our Pensions Auto Enrolment Solution will assess any employee who opted out or ceased membership more than 12 months prior to the re-enrolment date. If the employee is an eligible jobholder in that period and is not a member of a qualifying pension scheme they will be enrolled into your auto enrolment pension scheme. Please note postponement cannot be applied at re-enrolment. As with automatic enrolment, employees will have the opportunity to opt out if they choose.

For customers using our Pensions Auto Enrolment module Automatically Enrolled, a communication will be generated for employees who are re-enrolled at this date.

Next steps

If you are happy to re-enrol on the third anniversary of your staging date, then you need not take any further action.

If you would like to bring your re-enrolment date forward, please contact us a minimum of one month before the revised date.

If you would like to push your re-enrolment date out beyond the third anniversary of your staging date, please contact us a minimum of one month before your default re-enrolment date.

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