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Pensions Automatic Enrolment

Keep compliant with complex pensions automatic enrolment legislation.

For anyone involved in rolling out pensions automatic enrolment to their organisation, there is a lot to consider. The legislation and automatic enrolment as a whole is complex, which makes preparation, planning, and solution selection no different. Our award winning automatic enrolment solution is helping our customers, large and small, to significantly reduce the administrative burden and cost. It is fully automated, placing payroll at the front and centre to ensure compliance.

Depending on the size and needs of your business, you can choose the level of functionality you require.

Automatically enrol eligible jobholders

Pension contributions calculated and deducted as part of your existing payroll processing.

On assessment, anyone that is found to be an eligible jobholder will have the necessary postponement rules applied; and at the end of postponement be automatically assigned to the default qualifying workplace pension scheme in the payroll. Their contributions will be calculated and deducted as part of your existing payroll processing. Any relevant salary sacrifice treatment will also be applied to earnings at this stage.

Non-eligible jobholders

Easily handle opt-in and join requests from non-eligible jobholders.

Should you have any non-eligible jobholders wishing to opt-in to a scheme, or entitled workers wishing to join, these can be manually entered or imported through a data file. The contributions will be automatically calculated and deducted based on the relevant scheme rules.

Opt-outs and refunds

Automatically refund contributions in the next payroll.

Based on instruction from your pension provider, imported through a data file or manually keyed, the system will mark workers as having opted out and automatically refund their contributions in the next payroll. Scheme leavers outside of the opt-out window will have their contributions stopped.

Workforce Assessment

Automatically determine the status of your workers.

Our software will automatically perform the assessment of your workers each and every pay period, determining if they are eligible, non-eligible, entitled, in postponement, or already in a qualifying scheme.

Workplace Pensions


October 2012 saw changes to the law on workplace pensions, requiring every employer in the UK to put certain staff into a pension scheme and make contributions.

If you are one of the 1.8m small and micro employers that hasn't yet staged for automatic enrolment, you could benefit from our Auto Enrolment Essentials solution, which has been designed to:

  • automatically assess your staff in order to determine what auto enrolment actions to take
  • calculate pension contributions
  • making pension deductions and
  • automatically process refunds for opt outs


Benefits of pensions automatic enrolment software

  • Ensure compliance with the complex automatic enrolment legislation – we worked closely with The Pensions Regulator to develop the software.
  • Automatically identify and enrol relevant employees into the chosen pension scheme – reducing administration effort with little manual intervention required.
  • Easily exchange your employee data between payroll and your pension provider.
  • Implement automatic enrolment into your workplace with no disruption to your payroll processing.

Pensions automatic enrolment technology

  • We maintain the underlying cloud technology so you have no in-house IT installation or maintenance to manage.
  • Data stored securely and backed up with disaster recovery plans in place – whatever happens, your payroll and pensions will run as normal.
  • Legislation updates tested and released – you don’t have to worry about making changes, these are done automatically, meaning you’ll always be on the latest version of our software.
  • Fully integrated with our HR and payroll software.